Monthly Archives: May 2013

John Harrison – Intergalactic Terrorist

As I’m sure you know, people can be quite unpleasant on the internet. Anyone with even the vaguest public profile (and they don’t come much vaguer than mine) will find themselves on the receiving end of a wide variety of name calling and abuse, and I’ve had my fair share of it.

 Now this isn’t really upsetting or distressing. Occasionally it’s amusing, but most of the time it’s just boring. Internet trolls are disappointingly unimaginative, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it all now…or at least I thought I had until  a couple of weeks ago when  I came across an accusation that temporarily restored by faith in the great keyboard tapping public… Continue reading

My MasterChef Moment

I have a Golden Rule for food preparation, which if I’m honest, can be a little restrictive. If  a dish takes longer to prepare and cook than it does to eat, then it’s off the menu.  Anything else just seems to throw the effort/reward relationship out of balance for me. I’ve yet to find too many kindred spirits though, and if the popularity of  TV cookery and food  programmes is anything to go by, I appear to be in a very tiny minority. But appearances can be deceptive!

It will probably never happen, but  occasionally I have a fantasy about appearing on Masterchef. Greg Wallace and John Torode are whispering conspiratorially  off camera as I make my entrance… Continue reading