Monthly Archives: November 2017

Make £2,000 A Month For Ranting

Last week I spoke to a guy who had been living  on benefits until a few months ago. Now he makes £2,000 a month sitting at home, doing little more than ranting online.  How does he do it? He writes a simple online blog (it mainly seems to be a rant against the government as far as I can see) and then profits from advertising on the site.

Anyone can set up a site like this really easily, in fact I did it myself just over a year ago as a bit of fun and as an experiment to see how it would go. Using nothing more than ordinary social media accounts and a few other easily accessible tools, my site ( now gets up to 50,000 visitors a day. Take a look and see what you think.

I wrote a short report on how  and  why I set the site up, and lots of other interesting information, which you can get free of charge when you order the ‘book of the site’ which you’ll find featured further down this page. All proceeds from the book are going to charity, and so it’s a win -win for all concerned.

You get a great read (or a unique Christmas present for someone) and free information on how to set up your own £2,000 a month site. And the charities get £10 for every one sold. Place your order today.