About My Books

photo 1There are 7 books available to order at the moment and I know what you’re thinking – they all look absolutely fantastic, but which should I order first. You were thinking that weren’t you? Anyway, here’s a quick guide to the books.

How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead  was my first book and has probably sold more copies than all the others combined. It is more of a conventional book format than the others, contains more ‘hard’ information than some of the others, but is less entertaining and humorous than the books that follow. If you want to know how to start and build a business from scratch, this is where you should begin.

The next three books can be placed in a category together…

  1. The Money Making Magic Of A Funfair Goldfish
  2. The Toilet Pan Millionaire
  3. The Money Making Confessions Of a Semi Formal Tramp

The latter two books can be described as sequels to the first. Each follows a similar format – brief  chapters comprising a personal story or anecdote, and embedded within each is an important money making idea or message. These books are very easy reading, get rave reviews and are guaranteed to make you laugh – or your money back!

If these books interest you, then I’d recommend you start with the first and work through in order. This isn’t strictly necessary though, as you don’t need to have read book one to benefit from book two or three.

The next two books can also be grouped together:

  1. The Stolen Files
  2. Not Everything Is Shit

The key to both of these is both inspiration and ‘use it now’ information. Both books feature dozens of real life money making opportunities from around the globe. If you’re looking for specific businesses and money making projects to run, these are the books for you. Perhaps a bit short on jokes though, which may be a good thing!

The final book, and my latest,  is Why Didn’t They Tell Me? 99 Shameless Success Secrets They Don’t Teach You At Eton, Harrow Or Even The Classiest Comprehensive. I wrote this one primarily for young people coming out of school, college or University. However, I’ve had  more letters of thanks from middle aged folk than teenagers. It’s probably because most people never seem to figure this stuff out – no matter what their age.