In the days before footballers got paid £100,000+ a week, you always knew where you’d find an ex-player after retiring – behind the bar of his own pub. It was the career of choice for any player who hadn’t gambled away his wages. Did you ever wonder why?

I think it’s because people naturally gravitate towards businesses they enjoy patronising themselves. If you enjoy spending your leisure time in a pub, why not get paid for it instead? It’s the same thought process that has led people to open coffee shops, gyms, and myriad retail establishments. But does this make sense?

Well, yes and no. If you’re an enthusiastic consumer of something, you should have a good feel for what the market wants. That’s bound to be an advantage. But at the same time, it would be an extra-ordinary coincidence if the optimum business for you turned out to be the type of business you personally enjoy frequenting most as a consumer. And there’s always the chance that you will metaphorically ‘drink the profits.’

The lesson to take away from this is to thoroughly question your motives for following the business path you’ve chosen. If it’s nothing more than an extension of your consumption preferences, it could be worth a rethink.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

 “Most of the important things in the world have been achieved by people who have kept on trying   
when there seemed to be               no hope at all.”                                   

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Dale Carnegie

Quote Of The Day

“I’m in no condition to drive…..wait! I shouldn’t listen to myself, I’m drunk!”  

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Homer J Simpson 

Pin-Picking Advice

Let me ask you to choose a number between 1 and 50. Pick it at random. Okay? Now, if, like me, your choice was thirty seven, you are in potential trouble. You have what’s known as a ‘group mind’. Apparently, we all follow the herd.

That’s a problem when it comes to picking a PIN number or a password most of us are very predictable! For a PIN, we pick our date or year of birth. Common passwords are 123456, abc123, qwerty, computer, password and the name of the website we’ve accessed.

Other favourite passwords relate to the names of our partners, children and favourite football team. Bottom line? Stick with the random four-digit number sent to you by your bank or, if you prefer, choose a random one of your own. Likewise, passwords – one for each site etc – should be a random mix of letters and numbers, upper and lower case etc.

Today’s National Day   

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