Monthly Archives: July 2013

Death Comes To Pemberley

                I don’t get out and about very often….

Most days you’ll find me exactly where I am right now – slumped in an office chair behind a computer keyboard staring into space, desperately hoping that it’s my turn for inspiration  to pay an all-too-rare visit.  Sometimes, I’ll get up and move around a bit,  look out of the window, maybe even talk to another human being – but most of the time it’s lots of sitting and lots of staring, only punctuated by the occasional sigh. Most days, inspiration is making house calls elsewhere.

The causal observer may conclude that I’m not doing very much – that I’m wasting my time.  Most days the casual observer might be right.   But last Monday was different. Last Monday wasn’t most days. Continue reading

The Venomous Vicar

Music hall comedians used to launch into their first joke or sketch  with “A funny thing happened to me on the way to the theatre tonight.” It was all nonsense, of course, just a way to get the show going.   But a funny thing really did happen to me on the way to the theatre last week, and any modern day comedian witnessing it would have had his first 10 minutes laid out on a plate. Continue reading