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More Sustainable Consumption Reaches A Critical Moment

When sustainable alternatives are widespread, affordable and just as good or better than the legacy option, then eco-consumption becomes less about the status of opting in and more about the shame of opting out. That’s why in 2020, millions of consumers will seek out products, services and experiences that help them alleviate rising eco-shame. It’s the evolution of eco-consumption as a status play.

Just take a look at three iconic eco-consumption moments. Way back in 2008 Tesla launched the Roadster, a $100,000 supercar. In 2016 Adidas partnered with Parlay for Oceans to produce a limited-edition line of sneakers made from recycled ocean plastic; only 50 pairs were made.

Also in 2016, NYC’s Momofuku Nishi becomes the first restaurant in the world to offer the Impossible Burger, which looks, cooks, smells, sizzles, and tastes like conventional ground beef but is made entirely from plants.

But what has been the story since then? Fast-forward to 2019, and Tesla’s Model 3 is a play for the mainstream driver, and now the third best-selling car in the UK. Adidas made 11 million pairs of ocean plastic sneakers in 2019. And Impossible Burger is available at over 7,000 Burger King outlets cross the US.

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“If you plan on being anything less than capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”


Abraham Maslow

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“I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.”    

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Homer Simpson

From high-end and rare to affordable and widespread: that’s the eco-consumption journey across the last few years. And when eco-alternatives go mainstream in this way, they’re no longer an exciting status currency.

The key implication? A shift in the moral calculus for consumers. Because when eco-alternatives are as available, affordable and effective as the legacy option, there’s no reason not to choose them.

Throw in Extinction Rebellion, the global Strike for Climate movement, and Greta, and you have a tipping point in awareness also fueling this crucial shift. Increasingly widespread shame at air travel – or flygskam in the original Swedish – is now set to diffuse across every B2C industry. It’s a shift with profound implications for consumerism, business, everyone.

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Your $400,000 training starts at 8pm

Dear Streetwise Customer,

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John Harrison


Guy is even helping his baby daughter make money trading. 

As you can see she’s up $11,814 in just a few weeks … 


Well, OK, Guy was doing the trading on her behalf!

But, again, it just goes to show that his system really does work.

And he’s ready to show you exactly how it works at 8pm tonight.

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No Cause For Depression

I have spent some time during lockdown and its aftershock thinking about economic depressions, which we are once again feted to enter, just over ten years after the last Great Recession.

But there have been many myths around economic depressions. In fact, many simply signal a shift in economics.

The British depression of 1873-1896 caused real hardship. This was a result of the economic opening up of the prairies, the pampas and Australia to farming, combined with falling freight rates by land and sea, lowered the cost of food.

In 1870, Britain produced half the world’s coal. But by the mid-1920s, it produced barely a fifth as producers in both the New and Old worlds dug coal for a third of the British cost.

Distress among coal miners, agricultural workers and the landed gentry who had built their fortunes on coal and farming was palpable. Rural areas depopulated and emigration soared.

In the economy as a whole, however, nominal wages were at least stable and prices fell. And most of the economy in fact prospered.

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“You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.”

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Rod Stewart

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“My mother was a lolly-pop lady…and by that I mean she had a long body, and a big, fat head.”  

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Harry Hill 

The 1920s were a difficult time for the UK, especially for traditional industries such as iron and steel, shipbuilding and coal mining, exacerbated by austerity and competition.

But in 1931, Britain enjoyed a boom, driven by new industries like cars and aircraft building. Yet the popular narrative is that this was a period of unemployment and deprivation. In a period of structural economic change, the losers were again more visible than the winners.

In the early 1980s. Unemployment rose to three million. But while traditional industrial output fell, new services — which are still with us — expanded and thrived. But when all the data came in, it became clear that the recession was much less severe than predicted.

Output fell by less than 3% in 1980-1981 and grew strongly thereafter. There is now much gloom about a post-Covid British economy. It sure looks bad: businesses shutter up and job losses increase daily.

But maybe a shake-out and a technological leap forward is just what the economy needs. As in any recession, companies have to cut costs, improve efficiency and change their business practices. This does not mean that the economy as a whole may not benefit.

Online shopping is soaring, and a shift from consumption to savings and investment may improve stability. Employers have found that working from home raises productivity and many new business opportunities have opened up.

For now, there should be no need to worry about markets, the global economy, inflation or the euro. We must not fall prey to the doom and gloom narrative of another depression or recession.

This is simply a time of recalibration, brought on quicker by Covid. But whether Britain will over-perform, as it has done in past periods of structural change, or underperform with dire consequences, is far from clear and rests with the government.

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“I want to cancel all my subscriptions”

Dear Streetwise Customer, 

Streetwise member Roger had been using Guy Cohen’s trading system for years …

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Well, take a look…

1st part.jpg

Yep, Roger had just made over £300,000 (c. $400,000 at the time) using Guy’s trading system …

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As Roger says in the email, “I am now approaching my mid 70s and the time has come to enjoy my money rather than spend time making more of it.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Roger … what’s the point in making money if you can’t enjoy it!

So, how about you? Have you made enough money to enjoy “a comfortable retirement” yet?

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 John Harrison 


By the way, hedge fund managers trading with tens of millions of dollars every day pay Guy amounts like $122,177 and $105,399 to use his systems … 

2nd pic.png
3rd pic.png

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Put your Money In Trust

A trust is a legal arrangement where assets such as cash, property or investments are given to someone to look after for the benefit of a third person, saving on tax in the process. Put savings in a trust for your children and it will not count towards your inheritance tax (IHT) bill.

This can protect assets from divorce or the bankruptcy of a beneficiary, and the trustees can control who benefits, what they benefit from, when they benefit and how the money is invested.

There is a catch, however. While these assets do not form part of the beneficiary’s estate for IHT purposes, the trust itself is liable to 20% IHT at inception if the amount invested exceeds the donor’s £325,000 “nil rate” band, and it may be liable to up to a further 6% on every 10th anniversary. This is can still better from an IHT perspective compared to if the assets were held outright by the individual, leading to IHT being payable on their death.

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“My attitude is, if someone’s going to criticize me, tell me to my face.”

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Simon Cowell

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“The first few weeks of joining Weight Watchers…you’re just finding your feet.” 

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Jimmy Carr 

Use Investment Bonds 

Investment bonds are life insurance policies where you invest a lump sum in a variety of funds. Some run for a fixed period, others have no set term.

When you cash in such a bond, how much you get back depends on how well or badly the investment has performed. All gains and income earned within an investment bond are taxed at 20%, while withdrawals of up to 5% a year are allowed for up to 20 years without incurring an additional tax charge.

One tax-efficient device is to gift a bond to another taxpayer — such as a child or grandchild — before cashing it in, so the original policyholder can avoid paying income tax, as well as inheritance tax.

Alternatively, if the original policyholder is able to reduce their income in the tax year in which the bond is cashed in — perhaps by not taking a bonus from their company, or turning off income withdrawals from a pension for a year — then they may be able to withdraw money personally at the basic rather than the higher rate, known as “top-slicing”.

But beware some heavy charges with these products.

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Streetwise Member Makes $400,000

Dear Streetwise Customer,

Streetwise member Roger Woodman tried making money from the financial markets for YEARS with little success.

In his own words…

“I bought many, many courses, spent thousands of pounds on webinars, books, systems … At the end of it, I worked out that I’d made precisely nothing.”

Maybe you can identify with how he felt?

Well, it all changed for Roger when I personally introduced him to my good friend and expert trader Guy Cohen …

In Roger’s own words … “Trading with just Guy’s system, I’ve made over $400,000.” 

That’s a pretty big difference … From “precisely nothing”, to over $400,000, right? 

And this success has enabled Roger to live the kind of retirement life he’s always dreamed of. For example, here he is pulling up into Guy’s driveway in his rather swish new car (Guy often meets with his students to help them) … 

red car.png 2.png.jpg

 Better yet, with Guy’s system Roger has never been chained to his computer desk all day … 

He says, “It takes me about 30 minutes a day … remarkably little stress … very little drawdowns. If I have got drawdowns, they’re peanuts.” 

It’s no wonder he calls Guy’s trading system a “godsend”. 

And here’s the good news for you … 

I’ve persuaded Guy to hold an exclusive live training session for Streetwise members. 

During this short training he’ll walk you through the exact same 3-step system that made Roger $400,000. 

And even show you how to automate it so you can profit in less than 30 minutes per day. 

The training takes place at 8pm on Thursday. 

And it’s absolutely FREE.

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Who knows … 

Maybe you’ll become Guy’s next protege and make nearly half a million dollars too! 

But that can only happen if you attend. 

Reserve your spot now. 

Best wishes,

john sig.png

 John Harrison 


Of course, Roger isn’t the only person whose life has been transformed by Guy’s trading system. 

There are COUNTLESS others too, like … 

  • Chloe Hung who made $6,528 in 100 days … and then another $32,616 after that!
  • G Lawrence who made $26,733 in 9 weeks …
  • And Alan Tunnicliffe who says the extra $1,288 tax-free income he’s making “will make a huge difference to my life right now”.

 Guy even helped well-known online business coach Simon Coulson make $25,356 in just six weeks … and that was with ZERO prior trading experience! 

Want to become Guy’s next success story? 

Join his free training now.

Fund A Start-Up

Tax-efficient incentives to invest in entrepreneurship and start-ups were introduced in the 1990s and have been hugely lucrative for wealthy investors in recent years — although the rules have been tightened of late to prevent abuse.

There are two vehicles to invest in: venture capital trusts (VCTs) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). VCTs were introduced by the Conservatives in 1995 as a way of providing funding for early stage private companies with the potential for long-term growth. These companies often have unproven business models, and as a result have a high failure rate. VCTs therefore tend to spread these investments across a range of businesses to mitigate risk.

The benefits of a VCT include 30% income tax relief on an investment of up to £200,000 (assuming it is held for five years). In addition, any capital gains and dividends received are free from tax.

EIS shares were introduced in 1994 and allow you to claim back up to 30% of the value of an investment as income tax relief. Again, these are investments in early-stage companies. There is no minimum, but most investment managers will expect you to put in at least £10,000, which would save you £3,000 in income tax. You can purchase a maximum of £1m worth of EIS shares in a year. Dividends are taxed but not capital gains — and you can write off losses against other taxes.

The average VCT has been lucrative for investors, delivering a 140% total return over the past decade. About £250m has been invested in VCTs so far this year — up 4% on 12 months ago.

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“People come into your life and people leave it…you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you.”

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Orlando Bloom

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“Me and my wife haven’t got any savings. Well, we do, but they’re all tied up in Boots points.”       

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Gareth Richards

Suffering From A Tax Conscience 

Ministers and officials ate £3 million worth of biscuits in a year and spent £45 million on taxis to move prisoners and staff around the country.

More than £20 billion is lost through public sector fraud and £15 billion on duplicated procurement across Whitehall departments and councils.

The Home Office spent £427,000 on rubber bullets that the police are not even allowed to use.

Crawley Council spent £5,070 on 12,200 hot drinks from vending machines for employees, when the equivalent number of tea bags would have cost £200.

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Dear Streetwise Customer,

If I could show you how to stake £30  in order to WIN £80… knowing that with just a few clicks of your mouse you could AUTOMATICALLY  get back your initial £30 if the result didn’t go your way… would you give it a go? 

How about £44 to make £132

Or £104 to make £320

Well the bad news is I can’t…but the good news is that I know a man who can! 

Tony Langley is a legendary name in sports betting circles, and now he has broken new  ground…  an  amazing  new  ‘no fear’  betting  strategy  where  you  can AUTOMATICALLY recover your original stake if the result goes against you! 

Impossible? Well take a look here and decide for yourself.

Until today this has only been made available to Tony’s small insider circle, but now he’s released just fifty places on his Gladiator Trading System to Streetwise customers.

I’ve been in and around sports betting for many years, and I’ve never seen anything as clever as this. It’s genius!

I’m expecting demand to be through the roof on this. Once you learn how to do it…and Tony leaves you in no doubt…you’ve got a ‘can’t lose’ strategy you can use for life.

Take a look now.

Kind Regards 

john sig.png

John Harrison

P.S  With the new football season now under way, there couldn’t be a 
          better time to start cashing in on this.

PPI Palava

Britain is on the verge of new PPI claims. You could claim back thousands, for over the years PPI was sold to millions of loan-takers, despite many never being able to claim its benefits thanks to multifarious small-print exclusions.

With hefty commissions on offer, banks feverishly sold PPI regardless of whether it was of any use to the customer. Since 2010 more than £35bn has been handed back in compensation to mis-sold customers.

Claims were meant to end last August. But there is a new scandal that could lead to further claims. The issue now goes beyond miss-selling and focuses on the commission banks earned from insurance firms when they sold PPI. A large percentage of the PPI premiums customers paid went towards the commission, not the insurance. In some cases 97% of customers’ payments went to the salesman. The salespeople benefited disproportionately, and they were paid fat commissions.

Those fat commissions might be about to be repaid.

The good news for customers is that you may be able to get money back, even if you weren’t mis-sold PPI, seeing as more than two-thirds of the premium was going to intermediaries, not for the product.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruled in 2017 that the banks should refund the excess when commission payments made up over 50% of a premium. But several people have successfully gone to court to argue that their PPI policies were unfair and have won far more of the commission back. This could open the legal gates for everyone to reclaim all of the commission they paid.

In one case a customer discovered that a PPI policy sold by Citibank funnelled 95.2% of the premiums towards commission. Citibank must now repay £7,954.

A new round of PPI claims is likely about to start, in earnest. Be sure to recheck any policy taken out to see if you could benefit.

Quote Of The Day

“Life is very interesting…in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.”

drew barrymore.png

Drew Barrymore

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“A bikini is like a barbed-wire fence. It protects the property without obstructing the view.”

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Joey Adams

Don’t Run A Business – Licence Instead  

For many people, the hassle and risk of running a business just isn’t for them. They have a great product or service idea but lack the skills or motivation to carry it forward. Rather than let the idea wither and die, there is a solution, one that leaves the production, marketing, research, sales, accounting and distribution headaches to someone else.

Licencing has grown in popularity in recent years. In the USA alone, it’s a $500 Billion industry. Many of the products you see on sale today have been developed by individuals and then licenced to major corporations in return for a royalty. Perhaps this type of arrangement could be something that would fit in with your plans. For many, it’s the perfect solution.

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“How To Beat This Crisis!”

Dear Streetwise Customer,

By any measure, the last few months have been traumatic.

I’m not going to dwell on the details – you’re already being bombarded with the negative news from all angles and it feels like there’s no escape.

You know what’s happening…but maybe you don’t know what to do about it.

The scale and duration of the   health risk remains uncertain, but the economic impact is likely to be felt much more widely and be much longer lasting. Anyone running a pub, restaurant, café, bar or any other kind of hospitality or events business faces an uncertain future – as does anyone whose business relies on face to face interaction with their fellow humans. In fact this is likely to have a knock-on impact on businesses we haven’t even thought about yet.

And  yet  those  people – just  like  everyone  else –  needs  to  continue making money.

They need to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and be in position to go again when all this ends and we get back to normal.

What if there was a way to make as   much  money as  you  need (and  a great  deal  more) without leaving home – one which can not only  survive the crisis we’re currently experiencing, but actually thrives from it?

If you were to design a money  making  strategy  from  scratch  to  take
advantage of   the  circumstances  we’re  currently  experiencing,  this  is exactly what you’d come up with – a business where…


How do I know this is perfect for now? 

Because the guy who developed it is something of a recluse.

He started self-isolating years ago before it became a thing, and has run this business from the top of a French mountain, from a remote Swedish farm and from the wilds of northern Scotland.

If you’re looking for an insurance  policy  that  will  enable  you  to  make money without leaving home to steer you through this crisis and beyond, I can genuinely think of nothing which fits the bill more closely.

Take a look now and respond today.  In every crisis, there are opportunities.

Even if you’ve looked at doing something like this before and decided against, think again. Now is the time.

Click HERE for more information

Kind Regards,

john sig.png

John Harrison

  P.S Uncertain and volatile times are precisely when this works best. 
         What other opportunity can you say that about?