Title: Why Didn’t They Tell Me?


 IMG_0854_edited-1If You Have Teenage Kids, (Or Older)
Then I Have A Question For You..Have You Taught Them
The Other Facts Of Life Yet?” They’re The 99 Shameless (But Proven) Success Secrets You Don’t Learn At Eton,  Harrow Or Even The Classiest Comprehensive!”

I want you to imagine something…

   You’re shaken from your sleep one morning by the sort of deep booming voice you normally only hear on action movie trailers…

 “You are about to go on an epic  journey.  It will be long,
precarious and you’ll start out alone. Your vehicle awaits!”

   With bleary eyes, you throw on some clothes, stagger downstairs, and there it is…your chariot for the journey!

You’re not really happy with what you see. It’s not the best looking vehicle in the world, and you wonder whether it will survive the trip. You’re disappointed with the bodywork and have a strong feeling that the engine could let you down. What’s more, you’ve only the vaguest idea where you’re supposed to be going and no real idea how to get there!

You start to panic – just a little bit. Mr Movie Trailer has intimated that this journey isn’t going to be straightforward or easy. You don’t want to just rely on instinct and make it up as you go along, and the questions fire-off  in your brain, one after the other …

  • Where are you  heading?
  • Where are the shortcuts?
  • Where are the dead ends?
  • Where are the super-fast toll roads and what will it cost to use them?
  • Where are the potholes and crumbling tracks that could scupper your journey altogether?
  • How will you deal with the strange and varied habits of others along the way?
  • Where are the best places to stop and explore as you go?
  • Should you pick up passengers, and if so, who should they be?
  • Where might it be dangerous to stop?

And How Can You Find All
This Stuff Out Before You Set Off?

          Movie Trailer Man has rudely interrupted the slumber of  just about every human being to walk the planet at some point, and told them about the journey  It happened to you and it happened to me.  Most just rolled over and went back to sleep. It didn’t excuse them the journey, but it certainly made it a lot less enjoyable, fulfilling and successful than it should have been.

 It’s The Journey That Is Your Adult Life

       Perhaps your  wake up call came many years ago. Maybe your kids are on the cusp of theirs.    What I’m writing to you about today was created  with them in mind. Look on it as  their hindsight in advance …and it can be a timely slap around the face for you too. You see, what I’m talking about here –  well most 40 and 50  year olds haven’t figured out yet. Many will never figure out all of it. And most have turned around at some point and said…

 Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me?

     It’s the combined knowledge, wisdom and insights of people who have made the journey before – not just those who’ve made a success of it, but also those who’ve got lost, side-tracked and given up along the way.

 Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

   You see they don’t teach any of this in schools…no matter how much you pay to go there. They don’t teach it in college or University either. In fact they don’t teach these secrets and shortcuts anywhere. You usually have to amass them the hard way – through painful, costly and time consuming trial and error.

 But now there’s an easier way.

   So imagine what a huge unfair advantage you’ll be giving your kids, by letting them on the inside track  now – while they’re young enough to milk the benefits for all they’re worth.

Welcome to…

 “Why Didn’t They Tell Me?
99 Shameless Success Secrets They Don’t Teach
You At Eton, Harrow Or Even The Classiest Comprehensive!”

    Let me give you some idea of the sort of  headstart-building information you’ll find in this brand new book…

  • How school has prepared you for a world that doesn’t exist – and what you must do now. (Most ‘clever’ types never get this.)
  • The beach test. How to tell if your life is on track…or ebbing away towards depressing mediocrity. One question tells you all you need to know.
  • The truth about the way you look which is going to shock you. Most people over thirty knows this, (and almost everyone knows it by fifty) but by then it’s usually too late.
  • Why a fair days work for a fair days pay is for losers – and what to do instead. The lie that has doomed millions to defeat  – and will do the same for you if you fall for it.
  • Why doing things the right way could be holding you back, and what you must do instead if you want breakthrough success.
  • What a John F Kennedy  speech can teach you about getting other people to do exactly what you want. Telling them what it is usually doesn’t work – but this does!!
  • What an old seaside postcard can teach you about winning in the real world. How to overpower skill, knowledge and education with a single ‘blow’.
  • The six word question to ask yourself whenever you’re scared or worried. Banishes 95% of all worries and fears like magic!
  • How to avoid becoming a  pathetic pawn in someone else’s plans…and be a ruling king in your own plan instead.
  • How the incredible success story of a cancer-stricken bare knuckle fighter could transform your life….but only if you take action right away!
  • The ugly (but honest) truth about cheating, and whether you should do it. No moralising here. Just the truth.
  • The key to turning your life from where it is now to where you want it to be. It’s laughably simple, so why does everybody look for something more complicated?
  • Why being selfish is essential – and how to do it and still have people love you!
  • How to quickly identify who is really having a negative impact on your life, and then banish them for good. The results of this will probably shock and disturb you.
  • The dirty secret about luxury homes, cars and boats  which the wealthy would rather you didn’t know. This could save you years of blood sweat and tears – if you pay close attention.
  • How to cash in on an unfair world – no matter which side of the financial fence you’re currently standing on.
  • The one secret the super-successful like to keep between themselves. You’ll find it so much easier to join them when you know what it is. (If you really want to!)
  • How to force people to see you as you want to be seen – and they won’t even know how you’re doing it.
  • How your parents may have accidentally sabotaged your life, and what you can do to put things right now.
  • The real key to a happy life – it’s just four words long and it’s got nothing to do with health, wealth or love. Take this to heart and everything else will fall effortlessly  into place.
  • Why achieving goals will never make you happy…and what you need to focus on instead.
  • The one thing you must do before any success is possible – and it has nothing to do with work or effort. It’s a lot easier than that!
  • A simple trick to find out what you really want – and why it probably isn’t what you think it is today.
  •  How what really sunk the Titanic could sink you too if you don’t take immediate action. And no, it’s not an iceberg!
  • How to instinctively read the thoughts and motivations of those around you. It’s a lot easier than you might think. No hocus pocus needed!
  • Why education can be the kiss of death if you want to be a big success. You must read this if  you’re in higher education and think it’s going to be your route to the top.
  • When lying, cheating and bluffing are smart – and when they will get you fired, locked up or ostracised. Everyone needs to know the crucial difference.
  • Why Liverpool and Bristol are so different – and why the difference holds the key to you making a major success breakthrough. If you’re a fan of football or popular music there will be a light bulb moment here.
  • The Schwargenegger secret. How Arnie used a single ‘magic bullet’ to overcome multiple seemingly impenetrable barriers. Anyone can copy  this. No muscles required!
  • Why you must never chase money if you ever want to be rich – and what to do instead. Paradoxical and illogical, but true.
  • Why conforming is bad and rebelling is good – but only if you do it right.
  • A trick from the movies you can use to make sure you never miss out on an opportunity – no matter when, where or how it comes.
  • What two nightclub bouncers (and a distracted maths teacher) can teach you about first impressions. How to make the most of your one and only chance.
  • Why failure is good…provided you do it right and you do it well. Here’s how to fail your way to huge success.
  • Why it’s essential you become rich…and how to get it over with so you can get on with what’s really important in life.
  • The myth about wealth and poverty which will screw you up like millions before – unless you know the truth.
  • What every 30 year old finds out about their parents – but it’s usually too late.
  • Why the best thing in life is far from free – and what you need to do to get it.
  • Why thinking is hugely over-rated – and what you should do doing instead. If you like a lay in, you’ll love this!
  • The mega success secret hiding in Albert Einstein’s lunch.
  • A simple trick you can use to negotiate the price of anything, This will make or save you thousands if you use it wisely.
  • What you can learn from Al Capone that won’t get you locked up. This is critical if you want to effortlessly keep people on side.
  • What Issac Newton can teach you about making serious money – and not an equation in sight!
  • Why saving money is for suckers – and what to do instead. This is so obvious, but very few seem to get it.
  • How to uncover the hidden talent that could transform your life for ever. Think you don’t have one? You’re wrong!
  • How you’re probably sabotaging your own chances of success with something you do every day without thinking about it. Find out what it is – and stop!
  • How to become interesting and fascinating  to anyone you meet. It’s easy, but hardly anyone does it. No charisma or funny stories required.
  • The shocking truth about diet and exercise the ‘ fitness industry’ doesn’t want you to know about. 95% of people get this disastrously wrong and never recover.
  • The one thing you must do every day which is guaranteed to keep you in good shape. It takes less than a minute and has nothing to do with diet, exercise or self hypnosis.
  • The ugly side of success. The dark forces that will swarm in to spoil your party, if you don’t prepare well in advance. Every successful person is hit by this. Few are ready for it.
  • How to decide when to ‘go to war’ and when to simply walk away. You’ll waste huge chunks of your life (and a mountain of money) if you get this wrong.
  • The painful truth about your friends that you will struggle to accept – but it will cost you massively if you don’t.
  • How to permanently dump any negative habit in 21 days or less.

And a great deal more.


You know this I’m sure, but I want to hammer it home…

Hard work, intelligence and education simply aren’t enough today – not nearly enough! The system is churning out hordes of young people with straight A star GCSE’s, brilliant A levels and top notch degrees. It’s not an edge any more, in fact it barely buys a place on the start line, let alone a head-start in the race.

To get that you need to do things a little bit differently, and that means thinking, acting and working smarter. Do what the masses do and you get what the masses get. Carve yourself an edge and the rewards can be out of all proportion to the effort involved.

 Why Didn’t They Tell Me?  has
been written to give you that edge.

    I’ll make no bones about it – some of the shortcuts and secrets are unconventional. Some of them are controversial. But they all have one thing in common – they’re all battle-tested in the only arena that matters -–the real world! They all work!

If your son or daughter is still in education, they need this book today. If they’re trying to get established in a career, but haven’t got as far as they’d like, they need this book today.

 Heck YOU need this book today!

It’s never too late to start making big positive changes. I’ll wager that there isn’t anyone who will read it and not find at least something which will make a huge and significant difference to their life and fortunes. In fact I’ll guarantee it!

 Your 90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

   Order your copy of  Why Didn’t They Tell Me? 99 Shameless Success Secrets ‘They Don’t Teach You At Eton, Harrow Or Even The Classiest Comprehensive’  on approval. Read it from cover to cover – try out some of the ideas and shortcuts if you like. And then, if you don’t think it’s worth many times the price, or you aren’t totally satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply return it at any time within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

The price? Well I suspect by now you’re expecting a hefty price tag, so I hope it won’t disappoint you too much to learn that there isn’t one. The book costs just £9.95. That’s not a missprint – just £9.95!

To Order Your Copy On Approval Today, Click Here

There’s absolutely nothing to lose by ordering a copy  on approval today. Just as soon as we receive your order, I’ll rush a copy of the book out to you.  We’re really looking forward to getting this unique publication out into the world and seeing the huge difference it makes to young lives everywhere.


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Reader Comments

“It is by far one of the best books I have ever read!”

“A great, entertaining and informative read that I wish I had been able to get hold of years ago. But it is never too late to change!”

“Once you pick it up you can’t put it down – every page full of useful entertaining information.”

“Very humorous read but with insightful ‘life lessons’. I’ve bought a second copy for my eighteen year old daughter.”

“Completely unexpected reading.”

“Unconventional but made perfect sense – makes you think from different angle.”

“I wish you’d written it and I’d read it 28 years ago, before I started my first business.”

“Uplifting and life-changing,”

“I have four children age between 8 & 20 they will all be getting the book.”

“It should be required reading in all senior schools.”

“Everyone would benefit by reading it!  Congratulations!”

“Very readable and a book I will refer back to many times.”

“Both my wife and sister-in-law, neither of whom usually read this type of book, picked it up and then wouldn’t give it back to me until they’d finished it!”

“Very impressed so far. What is really exciting is that I have already implemented many of your ideas to great effect.”

“Thank you for giving me such a great read. Your book only took 3 days to read, not because it was thin and unexciting….just the opposite. I really enjoyed it.”

“Your writing style is very entertaining and what I have read of the content so far is brilliant. I am going to make sure my four children get to read and absorb the valuable information, as well as rethinking my own approach.”

“Great book.”

“I just love your book.”

“The short, concise chapters that were easy to digest and very thought provoking.”

“It provides a kind of mentoring.”

“Easy to read ,and understand.”

“Has a bit of everything from serious issues to funny life experiences.”

“I bought two, one for each Son to read – they were interested and took your advice on board for a later date. They are 17 and 24 years.”

should be on the syllabus of all schools for kids to read before they leave.

“It should be required reading in all senior schools.”

“It should be standard reading for every sixth former and student.”

“It should be made standard issue to all children in the UK from the age of 15.”

“I have several of your titles now, always a good inspiring read!”

“Thought provoking, Blunt, but full of constructive criticism.  Therefore Positive not Negative Reading.”


“There are several young folks indirectly in my life that I have to buy copies for and have then sent to them anonymously!”

“The info is just what youngsters need to know, will be passing it on to my kids.”











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