Title: Not Everything Is Shit

not-everything-is“What Do The Kentucky Taxi Driver, The X Factor Reject And The Kilt Wearing Canadian Have in Common? They’re All Living Proof That Contrary To What You’ve Heard In The Media, Not Everything Has Turned To S##t!”

In the time it will take you to read this information, at least one person in the UK will have done something you could be excused for thinking was impossible. And by the time you turn in for bed tonight, another 121 people will have followed suit…

All ordinary folk just like you and me.

I t won’t end there though. Tomorrow, another 122 people will achieve the ‘impossible’ and the same thing will happen the day after, and the day after that. In fact by this time next year, around 45,000 people will have done something which, if the mainstream British media is to be believed, is about as likely as seeing flying Pigs over Plymouth.

They’ll have become bona fide millionaires!

Despite the media-fuelled doom and gloom, the number of millionaires in the UK is growing at an alarmingly high rate – alarming that is if you’re a tabloid news editor and are desperately scratching around for another misery story for a readership painstakingly nurtured on negativity. Over 90,000 new millionaires were created in the past two years…over 120 a day…but you probably never got to hear about that, or much of the other good stuff that’s happening.

It doesn’t fit the agenda, so it doesn’t get heard.

The truth is that we really have never had it so good! Yes we’re in the midst of an economic downturn but we still have a better standard of living than any civilisation or generation in history. Our health is better, we’re living longer and we’re safer from war, violence and disease. We have more labour saving devices, cars, electronic gizmos, entertainment choices and general ‘stuff’ than at any other time or in any other generation. More opportunities too. Yes there were times when it was simpler, but were there times where we had it better? Only in the realms of nostalgia.

We have more money making tools literally at our fingertips than could have been imagined even 20 years ago. For example as I sit here typing this, it’s easy to take for granted the fact that I have a machine sitting on my desk which affords me immediate access to everything I need to go from zero to a fully functioning cash generating business – in less than 24 hours.  Try telling an entrepreneur from the 1970’s or 1980’s that he had more opportunity than you!

But what are these opportunities, how do you take advantage of them, and what do you need to do to put yourself in poll position to join the 45,000 ordinary people becoming new UK millionaires each year? These are the questions I set out to answer in this  book…

“Not Everything Is S##t!  Trends, Idea And Inspiring
Stories To Force You To Get Rich This Year And Beyond.”

Opportunities are what this book is all about…opportunities to make money now, opportunities to cash in on upcoming trends and opportunities to be inspired by others.  It’s a unique recipe of ideas, trends and stories, written with the aim of helping you get rich NOW!  Contrary to what the newspapers and other media might have you believe, tens of thousands of people will get rich this year.  The same thing will happen next year, and every year thereafter. There’s no reason at all why one of those people won’t be you, and the mental springboard or golden nugget of information you need could be here.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn…

  • How to make £600 a night using information and knowledge you already have.  A booming  idea from New York which would work in any UK town or city.
  • An intriguing business originated in the far east in which entrepreneurs sell 80p for a £1 over and over again. Sound implausible? It isn’t You’ll really like this
  •  A fascinating way to make money from divorce. This is brand new at the moment, but could be set to make a lot of money very quickly. Nobody has ever thought of this before. Get in right at the start.
  •  How to make £30-£100 an hour doing very simple assembly work from home which the wealthy are too lazy or busy to do for themselves.
  •  How to quickly and easily set up a subscription based business with regular income automatically landing in your bank account 24 hours a day.
  •  The shocking admission by Henry Ford which could turn everything you thought about making money on its head.
  • An exciting trend in the wedding market currently sweeping Asia. about to hit the UK within the next two years. Get in position now to cash in.
  • Four hot new ideas in the dating market which are set to make big money in the next 12 months. All pulling in big money in the US and Canada.
  • How to cash in on patriotism – another proven idea from the USA ready to be copied.
  • A clever twist on the bespoke clothing market which anyone could exploit by hooking up with the right company for a win-win result.
  •  Why you’re probably best avoiding ex-footballers if you want to make your fortune. The big mistake they make…and they’re not alone.
  • How to publish your own book within 90 minutes. Now you can create your own best seller from home. No publisher necessary.
  •  Why you need to stop working before you can start making big money. How a US lawyer multiplied her income – but only when she was forced to stop work.
  • How to make big  money from a boring product. There’s nothing boring about the profits though!
  • An American door-to-door idea just waiting to be exploited in the UK. If you haven’t thought past the traditional stuff hawked door to door, this is going to amaze you.
  •  How to buy up a defunct household brand for peanuts and turn it into a fortune. Hundreds of valuable old brands just waiting to be picked up. Which will you buy and revive?
  •  A mini theme park idea from Las Vegas which could make millions in the UK – and with a relatively modest start-up cost.
  • An innovative and exciting U.S product for the mammoth angling market which isn’t available in the UK yet. Be first to cash in on UK anglers proven hunger for anything new.
  •  The dirty secret about Dragon’s Den they’d rather you didn’t know about. You’ll never look at the show the same way again.
  •  A lucrative and intriguing service for US dog owners which has yet to reach these shores. Ideal for any UK city.
  • How to present your invention or idea to a would-be investor or partner. If you’ve tried and failed in the past, this is probably why.
  • The hidden statistics that show where the real money is being made online. The figures are truly mind boggling – and something of a surprise.
  • The alcohol connection – how to use alcohol responsibly to give any business a new lease of life.
  • How to invent your own special day where you make extra money for nothing. This is so simple to do, and yet hardly anyone does it.
  • A simple Public Relations idea from KFC which any business could copy.
  •  An opportunity with 922 million potential customers which hardly any UK entrepreneurs have latched on to…yet! Is that a big enough market for you?
  • How to make money from an unusual food fetish. Scores to choose from!
  • How some unscrupulous entrepreneurs are making money from serial killing. For information only!
  •  A fitness craze from the US which is set to hit the UK later this year. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the curve.
  •  A drink popular in Kenya with a number of exciting health and weight loss properties.  Where can you buy it in the UK? Nowhere! This could be big.
  •  How to make money from culture differences. A subscription business set up by a Finn living in Japan does just that. Could be copied or adapted anywhere in the world.
  •  How to make money renting out assets you already own but don’t use enough. More money for no extra work!
  •  A simple and commonplace business that is bucking the trend and booming despite the recession. This will come as a real surprise.
  • How to exploit your kids for money – the ethical way! This might make you look at Little Johnny in a completely new light!
  • How one American entrepreneur made money out of Bernard Madoff – after he went to jail. Something to copy or be inspired by.
  • A wedding service utilising widely available technology which could be copied anywhere in the world. Not available in most areas of the UK yet.
  •  How to go from a ‘nobody’ to world wide front page news in 24 hours. A real life inside story from someone who did just that. Huge spin off money making opportunities.
  • A simple subscription business based around something every woman needs. Currently  operating in Canada and the United States, and would work just as well in the UK. Nobody is doing this here yet.
  •  How an X Factor contestants secret past could provide the key to a lucrative business for you. Hundreds already taking advantage of this.
  •  Another hot US idea…a variation on the ‘pub crawl’ concept but without the hangover. You’ll wonder why nobody thought of this before…and why nobody is doing it here yet.
  • How to make money helping people get around the law. The big opportunity to be exploited in legal loopholes.
  •  How an ex-soldier got a fortune making foothold in a multi-million pound market sector with no money.  An approach ripe for copying in other big money markets.
  • How an American company boosted sales and profits by giving their customers less choice. Counter-intuitive, but something that may work here.
  •  How to boost sales by offering strong guarantees which will never be called in. This has multiplied sales for one US company.
  • How an American entrepreneur makes $60,000 a year using a milk crate and two tree branches. Definitely opportunities here for someone with the right mindset.
  • Where the real money is being made on Youtube. This is open to anyone with a video camera and a little imagination. A £100,000+ opportunity.
  •  How the ageing population is creating a wave of new opportunities. This is a really hot trend which will just grow and grow.
  • Why the needs of almost 90% of the worlds population are being almost totally ignored, and how you can cash in. Is a market of six billion people big enough for you?
  •  An innovative negotiation/bargaining strategy from Florida which could be adopted anywhere, and adapted to many different businesses.  A real edge over the competition.
  •  Food for thought from the Lebanon. A state backed initiative which throws up a wealth of spin off money making ideas.
  •  A market sector that has boomed during the recession, and how you can claim your share of the loot in an unusual and innovative way.
  •  A fast growing trend in the US market which is set to take off in the UK within 12 months. A big opportunity for someone to get a head start.
  • An exciting opportunity to take advantage of the move towards healthier food. I predict this will make someone a multi-millionaire in the next 5 years.
  • How to set up your own online shop selling your own personally designed T shirts, mugs, posters, greetings cards and office products without producing anything or investing a penny. Fantastic opportunity for designers or photographers.
  •  How to make mega-commissions selling luxury high ticket items. When you’re on 10% of £100,000, things get interesting!
  •  What do 25% of  pet owners have in the UK, but only 1% of pet owners have in the US?  The answer reveals an almost unimaginably huge opportunity for an ambitious entrepreneur.
  • A unique ‘spin’ on the humble taxi from Kentucky which could easily be copied here. Every major town or city would welcome this with open arms.
  • How to make big profits in the lunchtime catering business without a kitchen or any food production facilities at all. This is working really well in San Fransisco and would easily transfer to any major town or city.
  • How a Canadian entrepreneur turned internet abuse and libel into a $10 Million business. Big opportunity for someone to copy the principle in a different market sector. No legal training required.
  • How to become a mini Facebook or Twitter. Just taking off in the States now. The social media opportunity for the little guy.
  • A US based Christmas money making opportunity which could be copied anywhere. Ideal as a bolt on seasonal money maker for man or woman with van.
  • How to make up to £1,000 an hour providing a commonplace service to the rich and famous which the rest of us pay just £30 an hour for. Several people already doing this but room for more.
  •  A simple (but vital) service to restaurants in Singapore which is taking the catering world by storm. Who will be first to bring this to the UK?
  •  A unique ‘twist’ on the sandwich delivery business which has taken off in New York. Perfect idea for creating a USP in this crowded market.
  • How to make money from a new and innovative idea in the children’s birthday party market.  Another idea from the US waiting for a UK entrepreneur to steal it.
  • How to turn your driveway into £2,000-£3,000 a year extra income with no work to do.

And that’s not even half of the ideas you’ll find in the book!

As you can see, these ideas and businesses came from all over the world, but what I know for sure, is that they have never been brought together in one place like this before. What’s more, they have never been subject to my interpretation and analysis before. I’ve looked at the original ideas, and then considered to how they might be copied, developed, adapted or improved upon.

Something for everyone…

When I was selecting material for the book, I was mindful of the real limitations in both skills and financial resources which most of us have  So for the most part, I’ve tried to stick to ventures which are open to the vast majority of people. That doesn’t mean of course that everything will be right for you, but if you don’t find at least a few ideas that give you an ‘Yes…I could do that!’ moment, I’ll be both surprised and very disappointed.

No need to re-invent the wheel…

  There’s no need to beat yourself up trying to come up with something totally unique or original. In reality such things rarely exist anyway. Someone else has already done most of the hard work to test this stuff out. It’s working for other people and it can work for you too. Someone else again… me…has done the last bit of hard work….bringing all this insider ‘next-big-thing’ information into one place, which you can absorb and implement – in your own time and at your own pace.

All you need to do is get hold of a copy of this groundbreaking book. I’ve arranged for you to do that at a price that I know is going to surprise and delight you.

Cast Iron 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Send for  a pre-publication copy of “Not Everything Is S**t. Trends, Ideas And Stories To Force You To Get Rich This Year And Beyond” on approval. If you’re not happy with it for any reason whatsoever, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a no-questions-asked refund.

To get hold of your pre-publication copy of my new book, click here or call our 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819.

Special Website Price £9.95    (Usually £19.95)

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  1. Donald Walker

    May I congratulate you on another great volume. I laughed a lot but there’s a lot of common sense between those pages. A really splendid collection with something for everybody, and so well researched.


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