The Stolen Files

stolen-files“Look What I Stole For You! 133 Begged, Borrowed and Outright Plundered Moneymaking Ideas, Systems And Strategies To Get  Rich This Year And Beyond. Which Will You Copy To Bank Your First Million?”

  If you’ve ever dreamed of being in on the next big thing, then I have some potentially life changing news for you…

You see, despite what the doom mongers might tell you, these are exciting times, and money making opportunities are everywhere. Think it was easier in the past? Rubbish! Just hindsight mixed in with a bit of nostalgia at work there.

The truth is that right now is as good as it’s ever been for the would be entrepreneur, and I’d argue that it’s significantly better. The facilities and tools available to the ordinary man or woman sitting in their own living room are truly mind blowing and they’re available for next to nothing. When I started out just 20 years or so ago, I couldn’t have dreamed of what can be done so easily today. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Take my own business as an example…

  Only a few short years ago, create a marketable book, you had to spend thousands of pounds on typesetting and printing. If you couldn’t afford to print 5,000 copies – Tough! The unit cost was too high.   Today, you can get a book to market fast and for free.  Upload it to Amazon from your laptop in an hour or two and it’s immediately available for the whole world to buy.

These are the sort of changes have been mirrored in just about every sphere of business and  have transformed the landscape for the would be entrepreneur. Anyone who says it was easier ‘back then’ is going to get short shrift from me!

That’s all well and good of course…But where exactly should you be focussing your efforts in right now…What are the markets, ideas, systems and strategies that hit the zeitgeist of the times square on…the ones that could take you to a whole new financial level?  That’s the question I’m going to answer for you in this book…

“The Stolen Files…Begged, Borrowed and Outright Plundered  Moneymaking  Ideas You Could Copy To Get  Rich This Year And Beyond.”

The title is nothing if not honest.  I didn’t sit here and dream up the ideas, systems and strategies it contains. Rather, I scoured hundreds of newspapers, magazines, journals and insider websites over a six month period, looking for the very best ideas – ones that  are already working big time  around the world.

Here’s a taster of some of the hot off the press ideas and insider systems you’re going to find in the book….

  •     How to turn cars into mobile cash machines. Massive in Singapore at the moment and ready for someone to import to the UK market.
  •     How to make big money making things smaller.  New York generated idea which would find a ready market in any big city.
  •     How to cash in on the ageing population…and help that population at the same time. A fantastic idea from Arizona which could be copied anywhere.
  •     An idea from Vermont that’s growing – literally! The population is getting heavier. How to make money by enabling the overweight to participate in activities they couldn’t previously do. Not an opportunity that’s going to do anything but grow – both in the UK and worldwide.
  •     An opportunity which is traditionally female orientated, but where savvy men in Minneapolis are taking on the women at their own game – and winning!
  •     How a New York firm are cashing in on the ageing ‘baby boomers’, and how a simple (but far from obvious) piece of information about them holds the key to multiple opportunities which will endure for many years.
  •     How a Dutch company makes a living working as a ‘friendly parasite’ to a retail giant, and why everyone should explore the parasitic route to riches.
  •     How a Brazilian company has cashed in on the personalised publishing revolution, and the multiple spinoff ideas you could easily introduce to the UK market.
  •     A quirky travel based service from California for people who can’t get up in a morning. Easy to copy and adapt anywhere in the world
  •     A unique money making event organised annually in a small town in Italy. Ripe for importing to the UK.
  •     How simple stories are being used to multiply sales in vintage clothes shops. An idea which can be adapted for countless market niche’s.
  •     A clever branding idea from the ‘environmentally friendly’ market that you could steal and then adapt to any market.
  •     An intriguing alternative to ‘buy one get one free offers’ which is absolutely perfect for the modern zeitgeist.
  •     A lucrative way to make money from the ‘Chicken Keeping’ trend, without owning or selling any birds, equipment or feed. Currently making big money in Portland, Oregon.
  •     A new retail concept from Japan which will be commonplace here in 5 years. Be the first!
  •     How to cash in on UK immigration. An Italian concept which is already paying big dividends.
  •     A foolishly simple evening money maker, currently making £20-£25 an hour for people as diverse as policemen, builders, nurses, cleaners and housewives.  Very few people realise they can do this – but they can!
  •     A big opportunity to cash in on the cycling boom. Currently working wonders in the United States, but nobody doing it here yet.
  •     A very clever food and menu idea from New Zealand. Fascinating concept to introduce to hotels and event organisers. No culinary skills required.
  •     An Australian invention designed to solve a problem we’ve all experienced. Not sure why nobody thought of it before, but this still isn’t available in the UK – Yet!
  •     How to become a paid Blog writer in less than an hour. Very few people have caught on to this.
  •     A much needed ‘handyman’ service from Finland that borrowed its marketing from an Italian ice cream man. I know this would go down a storm in the UK. Why isn’t anyone doing it yet?
  •     An opportunity thrown up by a session of lateral thinking which turns the loyalty card concept on its head. How to make money by driving customers to your competitors!
  •     How to generate huge PR through consumer competitions. Millions of pounds worth of publicity created in both Queensland and Chicago. Use the system for your own business, or set up a specialist consultancy.
  •     An opportunity to make money by simplifying markets for consumers. Currently working massively for a Brooklyn based beauty product company. Easily copied by other beauty product companies or adapted for other markets.
  •     A huge opportunity for anyone with good computer skills. The online cleanup business is in its infancy. Multimillions set to be made.
  •     The ‘life capture’ boom…How to get rich from peoples fascination with themselves.
  •     A Canadian idea to help students save 70% on a piece of equipment they need – and make a stack of money for the business owner in the process.  Tens of thousands of UK students could use this.
  •     An idea from the United States to cash in on the booming dating market with a very special personalised service. Something that would work when in any UK city.
  •     A cash generating system employed by a French lip balm manufacturer which can be copied in any country or market.
  •     How a Dutch company are cashing in on the upcycling boom, and how you could very easily copy or adapt what they do.
  •     How Ikea are making even more money by going into competition with themselves – and undercutting! It’s counterintuitive, but clever.
  •     The story of an Atlanta toilet – and the profit multiplying opportunity it flags up for anyone with a product or service to sell.
  •     A unique garden based concept from Amsterdam that would find a ready market in any UK town or city.
  •     An idea from Oklahoma which you can cash in on simply by being where you are!
  •     Tours with a difference from Australia. Another result of lateral thinking and just about the opposite of a regular tour.  This is one to copy in any rural area of the UK.
  •     A fascinating and compulsive website from Finland which combines exercise and social networking. One to copy directly or adapt to your own sphere of interest.
  •     A PR opportunity from Perth Australia with almost limitless spin off potential.  Highly visible free promotion, linked in with valuable community action. This could be done anywhere.
  •     A French idea that could put an end to wasted food, while providing you with a lucrative business opportunity. Something that could be copied in any major UK city.
  •     A dog related opportunity from California. Nothing like it in the UK so far. Ideal for London and other inner city areas.
  •     How a mother from Texas created a local based alternative to ebay which benefits both buyers, sellers, and herself. Something that could be copied absolutely anywhere where people live. No computer skills or knowledge needed.
  •     A marketing service for small local shops which is going great guns in the Lake District. An idea which could be copied in any rural area in the UK.
  •     An easy to serve market worth a billion dollars in the United States which nobody was specialising in until recently. It’s now making millions for two entrepreneurs. Guess what…nobody is doing it here yet!
  •     How a Canadian women turned a common problem into a laughably simple (but lucrative) product. Something to copy or be inspired by.
  •     A simple US invention described as the next DIY sensation which is crying out for someone in the UK to take to market and make a fortune.
  •     A much needed service currently carried out on an ad hoc basis  that is ready and waiting to be ‘professionalised’. A US company have done it  and now have a massive franchise organisation.
  •     A retail opportunity from the States where cash tied up in stock is zero!  This would work on any UK shopping parade.
  •     The story of how two American mothers spotted a problem and turned it into a $10 Million opportunity.  Something that could easily be copied over here.
  •     How a fascinating fact about Chinese men led to a multimillion pound business, and what it could mean for entrepreneurs in the UK.
  •     How a Dutch technology company made more money by giving their customers a lot less. It’s counterintuitive, but it works!
  •     How an Australian company breathed life into a men’s apparel market that has been neglected for decades. Copy their idea, or use it as a signpost directing you to other neglected (but potentially lucrative) markets.
  •     A new retailing system from France which doesn’t involve shops, mail order, party plan or the internet. Something to be applied and adapted in many different markets.
  •     How one entrepreneur shunned technology to create a brilliantly innovative, yet simple, solution to an age old problem. One to be inspired by. You don’t need to be a technological wizard to come up with something new.
  •     How to make regular free money at the expense of UK supermarkets. Anyone with a few hours to spare each week can do this.
  •     A US idea which enhances the shopping experience in supermarkets.  This could very easily be introduced to the UK, and could be a real fortune maker for anyone who does it right.
  •     An idea from Greece, linked to hotels and leisure. A potentially lucrative way to cash in on the hotel market without ever seeing a hotel, or indeed a guest!
  •     How a Toronto company are cashing in on consumers fascination with themselves. Copy this one directly, or use it as a template for a spinoff idea.
  •     How a Canadian company is ruthlessly making money from other people’s failures – and they’re grateful!  This is something that could work anywhere.
  •     How a New York entrepreneur is making big money on the back of the discount warehouse explosion. Copy this in any area of the UK.
  •     How men wearing skirts transformed the fortunes of a Canadian building company. The principle behind this could be just the lift that any struggling company needs.
  •     How a Madrid book shop fought back against internet competition. What they did could be adapted to help turn around any business struggling against bigger and stronger competition.
  •     How an idea borrowed from the 19th Century gave a French fashion house a unique marketing angle – one that you could easily borrow.
  •     The story behind a unique New York shop which stocks just one product. It sounds counter intuitive, but the rationale could be applied  to scores of businesses.
  •     A unique take on the try before you buy concept from a London based company. Take the idea wholesale and simply apply it to another market.
  •     How two Massachusetts entrepreneurs are cashing in on parent’s worries using an idea taken from speed dating. There’s room for this in every UK town and city.
  •     An obvious when you think about it hire business set up Connecticut. This would find an eager market in coastal resorts, and indeed anywhere with a large transient population.

….And that’s not even half of the ideas you’ll find in the book!

As you can see, these ideas and businesses came from anywhere and everywhere, but what I know for sure, is that they have never been brought together in one place like this before. What’s more, they have never been subject to my ‘take’ on them before. I’ve looked at the original ideas, and then given thought to how they might be developed, adapted or improved.

Something for everyone

When I was selecting the ideas and businesses for the book, I’ve been mindful of the real limitations in both skills and financial resources which most of us are subject to. So for the most part, I’ve tried to stick to ventures which are open to the vast majority of people. That doesn’t mean of course that everything will be right for you, but if you don’t find at least a few ideas that give you a ‘Eureka’ or ‘Butterfly’s in the stomach’ moment, I’m be both surprised and very disappointed.

No need to reinvent the wheel…

  As Ezra Pound pointed out “Utter originality is of course, out of the question.”  We long ago passed the point where it was possible to generate an idea which had no connection with anything that went before it. Everything is derivative. The key is to take what has already been successful and develop it, make it better, or adapt it for a different market or audience

So there’s no need to beat yourself up trying to come up with something totally unique or original. Someone else has already done most of the hard work to test this stuff out. It’s working for other people and it can work for you. Someone else (me!) has done the last bit of hard work….bringing all this insider ‘next big thing’ information into one place, which you can absorb and implement – in your own time and at your own pace.

All you need to do is get hold of a copy of this ground breaking book. I’ve arranged for you to do that at a price that I know is going to surprise and delight you.

Cast Iron 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Send for  a prepublication copy of “The Stolen Files…Begged, Borrowed and Outright  Plundered  Moneymaking  Ideas You Could Copy To Get  Rich This Year And Beyond.” on approval. If you’re not happy with it for any reason whatsoever, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a no questions asked refund.

To get hold of your prepublication copy of my new book, click here  or call our 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819.

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