Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Private Sale Puzzle

I need your help with a conundrum. The answer, I would imagine, is to be found somewhere in economics, psychology or a mixture of the two. It concerns a situation and mode of behaviour , which to my mind, is illogical and irrational  and yet almost without exception,  everyone adheres to it and accepts it as normal.

Here’s the conundrum: Continue reading

Why Didn’t They Tell Me?

One of the interesting things about putting any work out into the public domain is getting  feedback from people experiencing it for the first time. My latest book ‘ Why Didn’t They Tell Me?  99 Shameless Success Secrets They Don’t Teach You At Eton, Harrow Or Even The Classiest Comprehensive’ was published last month, and as always, the wait for the first reactions  was a tense one.   You always think it’s going to be okay – why the heck would you publish something if you don’t  think it’s any good? – but you can never really be sure. Continue reading