Monthly Archives: September 2012

Wanted – One Legged Man.

I watched quite a bit of the recent  Paralympics (or Paramedics as my mum inadvertently called it)  and it reminded me of a  surreal encounter I once had with a one legged naked  bloke in a hotel steam room.  Don’t worry, this isn’t going to descend into the sort of thing you might find in one of the grimier corners of the internet! Continue reading

The New Dragons Den

If you’re still wondering what the result would be if you let a group of excitable five year olds loose with curling tongs and some poster paint on a partially decomposed corpse, then you clearly missed the opening episode of the new series of Dragons Den this week. And Hilary Devey wasn’t the only one to have been given a bizarre makeover. With Peter Jones looking like an extra from a Edwardian period drama and Duncan Bannatyne having the demeanour of a man who had just arrived fresh from taking third place in a Ray Reardon look-a-like competition, it was all a bit odd. Only the contestants restored a sense of normality.

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