Daily Archives: July 1, 2015

In The Woods Only

Swedish band, John Moose, have come up with something pretty unique for their new album – it’s music that you’re only allowed to play in the woods!

The story goes that the band feel that the woods are the ideal environment for listening to their music and so their album is only available via a mobile app. The app uses the devices GPS to establish whether the user is in the woods.

The band say  they’re hoping that the free app will encourage fans and journalists to seek out the peace and serenity of nature for a unique listening experience. Fittingly, the album contains songs about escapism, isolation and the human connection with nature.

I don’t know about that, but as a device for getting the name John Moose out to a lot of people who have never heard of them (including you) it seems to have worked rather well. Is there some way you could restrict the use of your product in some way, and create some free publicity in the process?


Phind It

Phind is a new smartphone app which enables users to search where they are simply by taking a photograph. Using image recognition technology, it draws on online images that relate to the user’s picture, and provides them with not only the place name, but an abundance of other relevant information. The app will give the searcher the name and history of the place, facts about the location and user reviews and tips. Users can also search for nearby restaurants, accessing menus and contact details within the app.

If  this model works, perhaps there are other ways to tap into the millions of photographs online,  to aid search in some way. Maybe you could take a photograph of a car you like for example,  and an app could be developed to pull up all the identical cars for sale in the area? It’s a bit beyond my technical know-how, something like that, but perhaps something for the tech minded to think about.