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When I was a kid, my favourite TV show was Batman – not that modern serious nonsense, but the tongue-in-cheek 1960’s series starring Adam West.

One of my favourite scenes (which actually appeared in the feature film) is when Batman is lowered into the sea from a rope ladder attached to a helicopter. His legs disappear below the waves, and when he’s hauled back up, we see that the most unconvincing rubber shark has attached itself to his leg.

Batman is unfazed. He reaches into his utility belt (how I wanted one of those!) and pulls out an aerosol can. On the side are printed the words ‘Shark Repellent Spray.’ One squirt and the unfortunate fish is forced to loosen its grip and crashes back down in to the sea.

It was a bit of frivolous fun maybe, but there’s nothing funny about shark attacks. Recently there have been two high profile cases in which tourists have been killed by sharks while out swimming. I don’t think anyone has developed a repellent spray yet, but Joel Centeio may have come up with something even better.

It’s an electronic repelling device which a swimmer can attach to his arm or wrist by Velcro. In tests carried out by divers, the compact and watertight device drove sharks away. Apparently it works by emitting an electrical pulse which affects the gel in the sharks nose.

There’s no doubt that the perceived danger of shark attack is a lot higher than the actual danger, but that will only serve to boost that market for this device.

Even paranoid British surfers and swimmers could be a viable market!

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“It’s important to have a plan, a big picture. You can deviate from it or change it completely, but it gives you something to work for.”             

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Shannon Miller

Quote Of The Day

“Ah, yes, divorce…from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals.”

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Robin Williams

Talk O Clock

I checked the calendar and it’s not April 1st. This is a genuine business, but it has to be one of the strangest we’ve seen this year.

So you need to get up at 6.00am tomorrow morning…. What do you do? Set your alarm clock? No that’s too simple. What you do instead is contact Talk O Clock, who for a fee will get a complete stranger to ring you up and wake you in whatever way they see fit. The company have a panel of ‘wakers’ who (for reasons I can’t imagine) feel that waking a complete stranger at the crack of dawn is an enjoyable use of their time. If the customer doesn’t answer, he is called again by a robot. Amazing.

The more I think about it though, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. You have someone who wants to be woken by a stranger, and someone else who wants to wake strangers. Maybe a pair of weirdo’s who are made for each other!

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I watched a fascinating programme about longevity on BBC2 the other evening. It featured societies where people tend to live much longer than the average. There was a lot of interesting stuff to come out of it, but what the researchers have found in Japan, has wider implications than for health and longevity. 

In the Okinawa islands, the population routinely expect to live ~ and be healthy ~ well into their nineties. The reasons aren’t totally clear, but it’s thought to be something to do with the traditional soya protein-based diet, and the fact that the people there tend to eat very little by western standards. 

Now here’s what’s interesting… 

The fact that the people thrive on that diet and lifestyle is down to their heredity ~ what their ancestors have experienced and endured throughout the centuries. Their bodies have geared up, and adapted, to thrive on it. If you or I were to take up the same regime, we wouldn’t necessarily get the same results though. 

This is borne out by what happens when the young Okinawa leave the islands and live in the city. When they move to a more western-based lifestyle, not only do they lose all the benefits of their heredity, but they actually fare worse than their contemporaries, who have been brought up in that environment. Their life expectancy actually falls below the average. 

They have evolved to thrive in a completely different environment. Their heredity offers no benefits in the new environment, but massive ones in their natural one. 

I’m sure this is a phenomenon which stretches way beyond the health and longevity arena. We all have skills, attributes and predispositions, and if we’re not getting the results and outcomes we want, it could because we’re applying them in the wrong environment. 

A Formula One car is awe-inspiring on a track, but wouldn’t get you out of your own street in the real world. A 50cc scooter would be totally useless on a motorway, but would get you around the centre of London better than anything else. 

Average natural abilities, applied in the right environment are far better, and more effective, than outstanding abilities applied in the wrong one. 

So are you applying your innate and acquired strengths in the right environment, or are you the proverbial fish out of water…or the Okinawan living on fast food? 

If you’ve ever felt you’ve not achieved as much as you deserve, the answer could lay here. 

 John Harrison


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Do You Really Need Investment?

It’s a bit of a knee-jerk reaction for many entrepreneurs to automatically think they need investment when they’re attempting to launch a new business, but it isn’t necessarily the case.

There are many ventures that don’t need outside funding at all, and to seek it out, can be expensive in either cash or equity loss. Having said that, there are circumstances where there is no alternative but to seek funding. For example

1.  If you need a prototype – where you have created something new. Having samples made, testing and modelling can be expensive.

2.  If you need specialist equipment – This will be particularly relevant in high-tech and engineering. Computer technology and bespoke tooling  doesn’t come cheap.

3. Where you have a run away success. This is something a lot of people don’t think about. Strong sales can create a problem if you don’t have the funds to finance production and distribution.

If none of the above apply, think very carefully about whether you really need outside funds. It’s always best if you can retain full control of your venture and aren’t weighed down by heavy interest repayments. 

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“A sense of humour is a major defence against minor troubles.”  


Mignon McLaughlin

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“A friend is the guy who will bail you out of prison, but your best friend is the guy sitting in jail with you.”                                             

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Joey Diaz

Tow And Go Service

It doesn’t take a great deal of ingenuity to set up as a taxi driver, but even with a simple service like this, it’s possible to add a twist and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Jackie Robinson Jr, a taxi driver from Kentucky, set up what he calls a ‘Tow and Go’ service….although strictly speaking, there’s no towing involved. The idea is quite simple. When you call for the service, Robinson takes along a colleague who will drive both you and your car to it’s destination. Needless to say, this is potentially life and livelihood saving for someone who’s had a few drinks more than intended and doesn’t wish to leave their car in a vulnerable place.

There are obviously insurance implications to a service like this, but it’s definitely something you could change a premium price for. I can see a high demand for this is any urban area – particularly at weekends.

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Wilson Greatbatch died in September this year, but there are many who owe their lives to him. He invented the heart pacemaker, and what’s particularly interesting is that he did it by accident.

In 1956, Greatbatch was building a heart rhythm recording device, when he mistakenly inserted a resistor that was the wrong size. He noted that the circuit it produced emitted intermittent electrical impulses which seemed to mirror those of a human heartbeat. This single observation led to the development of the modern pacemaker, half a million of which are implanted every year.

He was just lucky then? Well not quite. You see, when he ‘got lucky’ he was working hard and he was taking action with something. And then when he had the lucky break, he invested his own time, effort and $2,000 savings into converting the chance discovery into something useable and marketable. During the development phase, he was forced to feed his family from his vegetable garden.

You see, that’s the thing about luck-you’re more likely to stumble across a piece of it if you’re taking action (any action!) with something. And if you do, it will usually only benefit you if you take hold of it, and use it as a stepping stone to something tangible. The people you hear about getting rich through a lucky break were usually working hard when they got it, and then worked even harder to turn it into money and a better life. Luck, on its own, is rarely enough.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”     

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Scott Adams

Alternative Quote Of The Day

I won’t say ours was a tough school, but we had our own coroner. We used to write essays like ‘What I’m going to be if I grow up.”

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Lenny Bruce

Another Invention By Accident

While working for Eastman Kodak in 1942, Harry Coover, attempted to create some material to make a transparent gun sight. It wasn’t a success. The resulting compound was simply too sticky. The same thing happened again when Kodak scientists were working on polymers for aeroplane canopies, and it was then that Coover – soon to be Sir Harry Coover – realised they might have discovered something useful after all.

Superglue went on sale for the first time in 1958. Aside from being responsible for more than its fair share of visits to hospital casualty departments, it’s made a big contribution to modern life. And it all came about by accident.

History is littered with examples of people who set out trying to do one thing and failed, but somehow managed to end up doing something better. What did they have in common? They were all trying to do something!

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How To Get Weekly Compensation
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Saturday 18th January 2020 .

You’ve been reading my column’s for a little while now, so I think I can trust you with one of my more embarrassing confessions. I’ve not really told anyone about this, for fear of ridicule, but I spoke to someone the other day, who made me feel better about it. So here it is… 

I don’t want to win the Lottery!

There, I’ve said it. 

I tell people that I don’t do the Lottery because it’s a ‘Numpty Tax’ and there’s little chance of winning. Both of these things are true of course, but the real reason is that I don’t want to win. I’ve always had a vague idea of why I don’t want to win, but a conversation with Geoff Thompson, brought it into sharper focus last week ~ and maybe even gave me cause to change my mind. 

Conversations with Geoff can be strange affairs. He’s a man of very diverse talents and interests and so you find yourself jumping from progress on his latest film, to religious philosophy, to how to render an attacker unconscious…all within the space of a few minutes. 

Anyway, Geoff was telling me about a friend of his who is struggling for money at the moment. The friend said what a lot of people say in such circumstances: “I could do with a bit of luck – I wish I could win the Lottery”. Geoff’s reply (he was in philosophy mode now, not ‘break-yer-neck’ mode) was… 

“Don’t wish for some luck – wish for a journey.” 

As soon as he said it, I realised why I don’t want to win the Lottery – because when you do, it takes you straight to the destination without going on the journey. And it’s only by going on the journey and experiencing the highs, lows, successes and failures along the way, that you can really appreciate the destination. 

It’s pretty well-documented that very few big football pools and lottery winners are any happier after the win than they were before it – and maybe that’s the reason. Because the destination is nothing without the journey, and a big win robs you of the journey. 

If I were to win a ‘life-changing’ amount of money, I think it would diminish the journey I’ve travelled thus far, and demotivate me from embarking on the journeys I’ve plan to make in the future. And that’s another important point that ‘winners’ rarely seem to grasp… 

Once you’ve arrived at one destination, it’s vital that you immediately embark on another journey. The journey is the thing. There’s no ultimate destination ~ not in this life at least. 

Having thought about this a little more (as you probably realise this book is just a vehicle for clarifying my thoughts…you’re just here to be an unpaid counsellor and nod in the right places) I think that maybe I would like to win the Lottery after all. 

You see, if you have the right mindset, winning £20 million or so doesn’t really rob you of future journeys, it just opens up wider opportunities for the journeys you’re able to make. It means changing your plans ~ stepping out of your comfort zone and into new arenas. It means abandoning your planned journey, and finding a new one… 

And all without the metaphorical kick up the backside that needing to put food on the table provides. 

I think I’m up to the job, and would certainly be prepared to take the risk of giving it a try. So now it’s just a case of winning the money… 

Does anyone know how to buy a ticket? 

 John Harrison