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Fail To Prepare And You Prepare To Fail.

Two brothers supported the same football team. At the end of every game, the team captain picked up the match ball and kicked it into the crowd. Whoever caught the ball got to keep it. Both brothers badly wanted one of those balls.

The first brother turned up for every home game, sat in his usual seat, and watched as the ball was hoofed into the stand – most of the time at the opposite end of the ground. Once, the ball did come near him but he wasn’t really paying attention, and someone, a few seats along, grabbed it. After every game he went home cursing his bad luck. The second brother did things differently.

For a full season, he carefully watched where the ball landed. He noted that 80% of the time the team captain kicked the ball into the South Stand, and that, more often than not, it landed between Rows 15 and 20. In the close season, he spent an hour every day kicking a football into the air and catching it.

When he purchased a season ticket for the following season it was in Row 17 of the South Stand. When the players came off the field at the end of the first game, he kept his eyes on the team captain until he’d picked up the match ball and kicked it into the crowd.

Now let me ask you this – which of those two brothers do you think is the most likely to be ‘lucky’?

If Shakespeare was right about the world being a stage and everyone being merely players, the need to prepare and rehearse seems obvious. And yet so few people do it. We stumble into important interviews, meetings and social interactions with only a vague idea of what we will say, how we will act or how other key players will act or react. Everything comes as a surprise and, as a result, we fail to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us.

To fully capitalise on the opportunities life gives us, it’s vital that we prepare and rehearse. This will mean different things to different people in varying situations, but preparation can take both mental and physical forms. Few opportunities arrive ‘out of the blue’, but even if they do, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rehearse. If you walked into a lift and the only other person there just happened to be the one person in the world who could make your dreams come true, you know exactly what you would say to them – don’t you?

Time spent preparing and rehearsing is rarely wasted and is so often the difference between success and failure. Don’t ever step onstage without knowing your lines. In the real world there are no ‘prompts’ to bail you out.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


Streetwise Member Makes $400,000

Dear Streetwise Customer

Streetwise member Roger Woodman tried making money from the financial markets for YEARS with little success.

In his own words…

“I bought many, many courses, spent thousands of pounds on webinars, books, systems … At the end of it, I worked out that I’d made precisely nothing.”

Maybe you can identify with how he felt?

Well, it all changed for Roger when I personally introduced him to my good friend and expert trader Guy Cohen …

In Roger’s own words … “Trading with just Guy’s system, I’ve made over $400,000.”

That’s a pretty big difference … From “precisely nothing”, to over $400,000, right?

And this success has enabled Roger to live the kind of retirement life he’s always dreamed of. For example, here he is pulling up into Guy’s driveway in his rather swish new car (Guy often meets with his students to help them) …

red car.png 2.png.jpg

Better yet, with Guy’s system Roger has never been chained to his computer desk all day … 

He says, “It takes me about 30 minutes a day … remarkably little stress … very little drawdowns. If I have got drawdowns, they’re peanuts.”

It’s no wonder he calls Guy’s trading system a “godsend”.

And here’s the good news for you …

I’ve persuaded Guy to hold an exclusive live training session for Streetwise members.

During this short training he’ll walk you through the exact same 3-step system that made Roger $400,000.

And even show you how to automate it so you can profit in less than 30 minutes per day.

The training takes place at 8pm on Thursday.

And it’s absolutely FREE.

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Who knows …

Maybe you’ll become Guy’s next protege and make nearly half a million dollars too!

But that can only happen if you attend.

Reserve your spot now.

Best wishes,

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John Harrison


Of course, Roger isn’t the only person whose life has been transformed by Guy’s trading system.

There are COUNTLESS others too, like …

  • Chloe Hung who made $6,528 in 100 days … and then another $32,616 after that!
  • G Lawrence who made $26,733 in 9 weeks …
  • And Alan Tunnicliffe who says the extra $1,288 tax-free income he’s making “will make a huge difference to my life right now”.

Guy even helped well-known online business coach Simon Coulson make $25,356 in just six weeks … and that was with ZERO prior trading experience!

Want to become Guy’s next success story?

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Everyone Gets Dumped On-Rejoice!

Crap happens to me, it happens to you… and it happens to Bill Gates.

Back in the days when I was struggling, I used to think that wealthy and successful people led some kind of utopian existence. They made their way in the world by having fortune shine down upon them and then used their money to ward off all the tedious and nasty things that happen to ordinary folk. Well now I know it’s not like that. Success doesn’t depend on not having crap things happen to you. It depends on dealing with crap when it happens.

Let me put that a bit more politely. To be successful you have to deal effectively with the adversity that impacts everyone. Once you become successful, you’ll still have to deal with adversity. If you think success will make you immune to adversity – you’re wrong. It won’t.

We all get pretty much the same amount of luck in our lives. Oh sure, you go through times where nothing seems to go right. Everybody does. But over the long haul… whether it’s in your career, business or personal life… everyone gets broadly the same amount of luck. It’s what you do with it that matters.

But here’s an interesting thing. When something does go wrong – when it seems like Lady Luck is just having a laugh – that event will almost certainly contain within it, the seeds of something positive. You just need to look for it. If you take just one thing from this book, make it a commitment to seek out the positive seeds in each piece of adversity you encounter. They’re there. I can promise you that.

In my business, every single time I’ve had a setback, when something hasn’t worked as well as it should, or a deal or project has fallen through, it has caused me to seek out a solution or replacement project that has led to even better things. Here’s just one example…

When we first started out in the direct response business, we needed to rent mailing lists. I approached the biggest supplier of the type of lists we wanted at the time, but they refused to deal with us. I don’t know whether they were afraid of the competition or thought we were small fry wasting their time (probably the latter). Anyway, I needed a solution.

So I found a broker who sourced for us some fantastic lists that really formed the bedrock of the business we have today. About a year later, the original company I’d approached decided we were now worth dealing with, and let us use their lists.

Guess what? Their lists were terrible! If they’d let us have them 12 months earlier, I’d have probably concluded that the direct response business wasn’t for me and given up.

The setback… the piece of bad luck… was a blessing in disguise.

What I’m trying to get over to you is this – success of any type has nothing to do with luck. Over the long haul, and aside from some very extreme cases for which you do NOT qualify, there’s no such thing as bad luck. There is just stuff that happens to you… the same stuff that happens to everyone else at some point in their lives. It’s what you do that matters.

Some people learn, look for the positive angle and move on. Others give up. Those who give up are the ones who believe they’re ‘just unlucky’ and it’s their fate to fail. “Why beat yourself up,” they might say, “if the stars/gods/fates are against you?”

Those who move forward are the people who know that luck has absolutely nothing to do with it – that their success or failure is completely, utterly and exclusively, down to them. How can you give in when there’s nobody or nothing else to blame?

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


Dear Streetwise Customer, 

Imagine sitting down this afternoon and tapping out a simple letter. It takes you perhaps a couple of hours to get it right…

And Then Over The Next Few Years It Brings In Over £5 Million.

Pure fantasy? 

Not at all. I’ve done it.  I’ll even show you the letter. And I’ve written lots of others just like it, although they weren’t all quite as successful as that one. 

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Like to learn how to do the same? 

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This is an exciting and realistic alternative to the gloom which is all around us today – an escape route.  It’s an alternative that can  quickly see you banking more than enough money to see yourself and your family right through this current crisis and then into  uncharted financial success when all this is over.

This comes with a 100% cast iron 90 day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk to you to take a look.

    Very Best Wishes,

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    John Harrison
  Streetwise Publications 


You Get To Pick Your Own Role, So Choose Well.

One of the most widely known quotations from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It is: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Perhaps you’ve not given it much thought; I know I hadn’t until I came across a couple of other things.

The first was a book by Derren Brown called Tricks of The Mind. In one chapter, Brown discusses the subject of developing and displaying confidence. Now if you’ve ever seen Brown perform, I think you’ll agree that he comes across as being supremely confident. And yet it wasn’t always like that, and indeed isn’t necessarily like that today.

You see, in his early life, Brown suffered from the same doubts and insecurities as most of us. So what made the difference? Well he discovered something very simple, and yet extraordinarily powerful – in order to become confident, you firstly have to act confident. Once you start to act in a confident manner, others begin to treat you as confident, and guess what? You become confident because of the way other people are now treating you. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The second thing that happened concerned one of the actors who features in a film I’d been working on. Part of ‘the deal’ when you star in a film is that you’re expected to help promote it. Now acting and promotion are two completely different things, which is why the cast of this film were booked in for a training session on how to present themselves in interviews. Some of the cast were ‘naturals’, but one guy (I won’t say who to save his blushes) just wasn’t comfortable with this sort of attention. Whilst he comes to life on screen, in private he’s pretty quiet and unassuming. Perfectly fine qualities in a human being, but not so great when you’re trying to excite and enthuse people about the film you’ve just made.

The lady running the course had seen all this before and knew exactly what to do. Instead of giving him a list of specific instructions, which she knew he’d probably forget anyway, she gave him just one instruction… “Just imagine it’s a part, and you’re playing a successful movie star!”

As soon as he twigged this… that he wasn’t being himself in these interviews he was simply playing a part, just as he did every day of his working life, the transition was near-instantaneous. He acted like a movie star, so people started to treat and react to him as though he was a movie star. You know what happens next… he’ll start to feel like a movie star, and that will affect how he behaves naturally. But like Derren Brown, he had to consciously choose the role before it became part of him.

Is there an ‘Aha!’ moment there for you? I know there was one for me. The world is indeed a stage and we’re all playing parts. The great news is that we get to choose the parts we play. Nobody else chooses those parts for us. If we play the part well, the world demands and dictates that we play it for life. But it works both ways. Choose a lousy part for yourself – and if you don’t apply conscious effort and thought to this, you probably will – and that’s the part the world will allocate to you too.

Once you realise that, you become what you present yourself as being, it’s a tremendously enlightening and empowering moment, because you know that your fate and fortunes lay entirely in your own hands. But it can be a frightening moment too, because every excuse you ever had for not being where and what you want to be, is stripped away in an instant. And there’s comfort to be had in excuses.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


wizard week after.png

“How To Beat This Crisis!”

 Dear Streetwise Customer,

By any measure, the last few months have been traumatic.

I’m not going to dwell on the details – you’re already being bombarded with the negative news from all angles and it feels like there’s no escape.

You know what’s happening…but maybe you don’t know what to do about it.

The scale and duration of the   health risk remains uncertain, but the economic impact is likely to be felt much more widely and be much longer lasting. Anyone running a pub, restaurant, café, bar or any other kind of hospitality or events business faces an uncertain future – as does anyone whose business relies on face to face interaction with their fellow humans. In fact this is likely to have a knock-on impact on businesses we haven’t even thought about yet.

And  yet  those  people – just  like  everyone  else –  needs  to  continue making money.

They need to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and be in position to go again when all this ends and we get back to normal.

What if there was a way to make as   much  money as  you  need (and  a great  deal  more) without leaving home – one which can not only  survive the crisis we’re currently experiencing, but actually thrives from it?

If you were to design a money  making  strategy  from  scratch  to  take
advantage of   the  circumstances  we’re  currently  experiencing,  this  is exactly what you’d come up with – a business where…


How do I know this is perfect for now? 

Because the guy who developed it is something of a recluse.

He started self-isolating years ago before it became a thing, and has run this business from the top of a French mountain, from a remote Swedish farm and from the wilds of northern Scotland.

If you’re looking for an insurance  policy  that  will  enable  you  to  make money without leaving home to steer you through this crisis and beyond, I can genuinely think of nothing which fits the bill more closely.

Take a look now and respond today.  In every crisis, there are opportunities.

Even if you’ve looked at doing something like this before and decided against, think again. Now is the time.

Click HERE for more information

Kind Regards,

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John Harrison

  P.S Uncertain and volatile times are precisely when this works best. 
         What other opportunity can you say that about? 


Successful People Are Plonkers Too

An email from a reader of my online newsletter gave me cause to think consciously about something that up until then had been active on a subconscious level. Here’s what he said:

I think the fact you present your public face, and also in your newsletter you outline the fact that you are also human and aren’t afraid to present your vulnerable side when appropriate, helps.

I think what he meant – but was perhaps too polite to say – is that I’m prepared to let everyone know what a plonker I really am. And when I think about it, he’s right. Let me tell you why…

When I was growing up, and in the period before I started to have some business and financial success, I didn’t know any millionaires. I didn’t even know anyone you could describe as wealthy. Everyone I knew was just like me – or not far from it. The richest person I knew ran the local greengrocers. That gives you some idea of what I’m talking about.

Because I didn’t actually know anyone who had accumulated wealth, the rich were a bit of a mystery to me. And there’s not a great deal of difference (both literally and linguistically) between mystery and mystique. The information and impressions I had came from newspapers, glossy magazines and TV. And when presented in these selective media outlets, you don’t really get a true or accurate picture.

Everyone who’d achieved financial success seemed impossibly sophisticated or charismatic or glamorous or educated or skilled or… or… something other than what I was.

And it was all a bit off-putting and demotivating. When you aspire to something, the first stage is to believe it’s possible. If you see other people who’ve already done it – people who share your background, imperfections and insecurities – then that’s very powerful in persuading you that you can do it too. If you see people with whom you have little in common, it makes it seem all the harder and more distant.

Once I started to achieve some success, and got to meet others who’d done the same, I realised that, like me, there was nothing intrinsically special or unusual about them. The difference was in what they’d done… how they’d played the cards they’d been dealt… rather than what they were.

And so when I got the opportunity to communicate with people who were looking to move forward with their lives, it just seemed natural that I would present things as they are, rather than perpetuating myth and mystique. If you want to give people the best chance of following in your footsteps, why would you do any other?

The wealthy and successful are just like you. They started out with the same insecurities, doubts and hang-ups that you have today. They have the same stupid thoughts and, out of the public gaze, are just as capable of making complete pillocks of themselves as anyone else. They are made of no better or worse stuff than you and, as such, there are no genuine barriers to you joining them.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


                      Dear Streetwise Customer, 

  Imagine sitting down this afternoon and tapping out a simple letter. It takes you perhaps a couple of hours to get it right… 

  And Then Over The Next Few Years It Brings In Over £5 Million.

Pure fantasy? 

  Not at all. I’ve done it. I’ll even show you the letter. And I’ve written lots of others just like it, although they weren’t all quite as successful as that one. 

  But Even So, Many Of  Them Landed Thousands Of Pounds In My Bank Account Within Days, and Hundreds of Thousands Within Weeks. 

Like to learn how to do the same? 

Well there has really Never Been A Better Time for three reasons… 

1. These letters bring in serious money when times are tough – and they don’t come much tougher than they are right now.

 2. These letters are even more powerful when the world is relying on the internet for its requirements, just like it is right now.

 3. You probably have some free time available to learn how to do this at the moment.

   Allow me to show you, for more details CLICK HERE

   This is an exciting and realistic alternative to the gloom which is all around us today – an escape route.  It’s an alternative that can  quickly see you banking more than enough money to see yourself and your family right through this current crisis and then into  uncharted financial success when all this is over. 

   This comes with a 100% cast iron 90 day money back guarantee.  There is absolutely no risk to you to take a look.

  Very Best Wishes,

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    John Harrison
  Streetwise Publications 


You Have To Play The Hand You’ve Been Dealt

Every year the World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas – the world championship of the game. It’s a game with, seemingly, a large element of chance attached. The players can, after all, only play with the cards they’re given.

In the long term, the law of averages dictates that luck will be pretty evenly distributed amongst the players. You would therefore expect that the outcome of tournaments to fluctuate widely depending on the varying fortunes of those taking part. That’s not what happens. Although results do vary, the same good players perform consistently well, irrespective of the cards they’re dealt. And it’s the same in life.

It’s all too easy to complain about the cards you’ve been dealt and use that as an excuse for failure. The top players accept the cards they’re given – there’s nothing you can do about that –and then work out how best to use them to get the results they’re after. Even when people are dealt great cards, it’s all too easy to waste them.

At the risk of boring anyone not interested in football, it does provide us with an excellent example, showing why the ‘cards’ you’re dealt in life are less important than how they are used.

There can be few footballers dealt a better hand than George Best. Most experts agree that he was one of the most naturally gifted players of all time. And yet by the age of 26, when he should have been at his best, he virtually disappeared from the game, as did his opportunity to become the richest and most successful player of his generation. Few have achieved so little with so much.

At the same time as Best was ending his career, Kevin Keegan was just starting his. He was too small, too thin, and by his own admission, lacked great natural footballing ability. It would have been all too easy for him to give in to the hand he’d been dealt and accept that he would never be a top player because he didn’t have Best’s ability. But through hard work and determination he rose to become captain of his country and to win practically every honour in the game, making a not inconsiderable fortune for himself in the process.

Hard work and determination are not the only ways to overcome a terrible hand. For the moment, I’m going to stick with my football analogy…

A player who few would place in the ‘gifted’ category is Vinnie Jones. In fact, few would place him in their pub first team if footballing skill were the sole criteria! And yet he consistently played in the top division, represented his country and made a lot of money in the process. There are literally thousands of ‘Vinnie Joneses’ out there, but few get to play professionally at all. Certainly hard work and determination played a part, but so did a commitment to playing the game on his own terms.

If Jones had tried to play the game like George Best, he wouldn’t have lasted five minutes. What he had to do was establish his strengths and play to them. He concentrated on what he could do, not what he couldn’t. Occasionally that may have meant bending some of the rules, but that’s what ordinary players have to do sometimes to stay in the game.

Jones was to prove that what he achieved in football was no fluke. He later used the same flare for playing his hand to the maximum in a completely separate field – one to which he would seem equally illsuited. ‘Vinnie Jones the footballer’ became ‘Vinnie Jones the Hollywood film star’. Just as he didn’t try to emulate Best on the football field, he didn’t try to emulate Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ian McKellen or even Tom Cruise on screen. But he did play the hand he had been dealt to great effect.

It doesn’t take a massive leap of logic to see that there’s a message here for anyone aiming for a business or personal goal. You may not have been dealt the hand of a George Best, or a Lionel Messi but that is no barrier to success. Learn to play your hand well, and you can usually beat most of those dealt a better one.

The key to success is accepting your hand (you won’t get another one!) and adapting to it where necessary. Certainly it may involve hard work, and you may have to make the rules work for you, rather than the other way round. But the end result when you achieve it will be all the more rewarding.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


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You have been hand-picked to receive this letter for a special reason. You’ll find out exactly why you were chosen when you take a look at the on line link below.

Here’s what it’s all about……

A few months ago, we sent a guy called Graham Carter, what he called a ‘crummy disc’ (the cheek of it!) in a plain brown envelope. On the disc were the words ‘Project X’, hand-written in red felt tip.

Why did we send it to him?

Because he was broke and we wanted him to try something out. We needed someone who was down on his luck…someone with none of the advantages which a lot of people set out with on a new project. Someone whose position was pretty hopeless really. Here’s what we figured…

     If Graham could make this work, anyone could. 

For the full story visit: 


Very Best Wishes,

John Harrison    

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