Life Capture Profits

Do you know what people are interested in more than anything else? Themselves! This simple fact goes a long way to explain the popularity of what might be called ‘life capture’ products. They’re products that enable the individual to record or document some aspect of their life, whether that be via the written word, audio, video or something else.

The latest product we’ve spotted is the Looxcie – a Bluetooth style video camera, which fits over the ear and points where the wearer is looking and therefore records everything he or she sees.

If something interesting happens, they simply press a button to save it, so that it can be later uploaded to Mac or PC – and even emailed to a pre – set list of contacts. Otherwise, the Looxcie records in a continuous loop, purging the earlier footage.

I mention this for three reasons: 

1.  There seems no end to the life capture phenomenon at the moment. Is there some aspect of your product or offering that would enable you to cash in on it?

2.  If the device took off, just imagine the amount of footage that would become available, and the potential creative opportunities that would bring. Could you make the first Looxcie film? 

3.  You might just want one, and if you do (and have a lot of female friends with a penchant for low cut tops or short skirts) I’ll be happy to check out the quality of your footage for free.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

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John F. Kennedy

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar…Could be a Chinese Wispa.”

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Rob Auton 

Make It An Event 

According to Forbes magazine, there’s an easy way to find out about your customers – hold an event. Events can be used to sell and build rapport, and if they’re well attended they can help to build social proof and popularity.

The article goes on to say that energy levels and mood are often high at an event as well, because attendees are excited to get away from the daily grind. This makes them more receptive to offers of new products and services.

So, could you invite your customers to an event pertaining to your business? What reason or ‘excuse’ could you have? This will mean different things to different people, but there’s no doubt that many businesses could benefit from holding an event of some kind.

Today’s National Day

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