Monthly Archives: January 2017

A New Use For Uber Data

I think we’re only just scratching the surface of how the billions of pieces of information collected via smartphone interactions might be used in the future.

For example, Uber has just analysed a year’s worth of pick up and drop off points from 12 US cities to compile a list of top destinations, including brunch venues, local favourites and date night possibilities. Uber’s new restaurant guide depends solely on volume of traffic to each destination.  I’m sure that similar guides will be created for the UK soon.

Data is going to continue to be a huge growth area over the next decade. For many companies with successful apps, their primary product or service will be incidental to their overall profitability. The data will be where the real money is made. It’s not something that might be of immediate significance to you, but worth bearing in mind.

Make Your Property A Film Star

We’ve covered the opportunity to rent your home out as a location to  film companies  before.  Well now a new start-up is helping people do just that. GETset encourages anyone and everyone to upload their office, home or studio onto the platform, which offers a wide variety of locations to film companies at attractive prices.

Film companies need a wide variety of properties in many different locations, so don’t be put off if you think your property isn’t ‘special’ enough. It could be just what they’re looking for.

Naked Cleaners

A couple of years ago, we wrote about a company in the United States who were providing cleaners with a difference – they did the job naked. I suggested that the same business might work here and it looks like someone took up the idea.

There was a feature on local radio this morning looking for – you guessed it – naked cleaners.   Apparently the business is already operating successfully in London and the company is looking to expand out to the provinces. The rate of pay is interesting – £45 an hour. The company claim there’s nothing seedy about the service and it’s aimed at committed naturists. I’m not so sure about that!

Clearly, this isn’t for everyone, but it’s an interesting idea isn’t it, particularly for someone of an ‘outgoing’ disposition. And if you can clean naked for four times the going rate, what else could you get paid more for if you did it naked? Look on it as danger money!

The Mobile Creche

Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding will have seen young children getting bored or fractious as the day goes on. I just read about an interesting business called Safe And Sound Event Childcare run by a lady called Stephanie Wallis.  The business offers mobile childcare facilities at weddings and other events so that adults can enjoy the day without worrying what their children are up to.

I’m sure some people would hate the idea of separating off the children at a wedding or event, but there’s no doubt there’s a market for this, with the company handling 150 bookings per year.

Is this something that could be copied in your area? For the right person,  with the right childcare experience and qualifications, I’m sure that its is.

Sneaker Cleaning Service

Trainers and sneakers have something of a cult following, and a number of businesses have sprung up to cater for the needs of enthusiasts who will often pay a fortune for their favourite pair. Jason Markk who retail a range of cleaning products have set up the world’s first drop off and pick up sneaker cleaning service in their Los Angeles store.

This probably isn’t a business that could survive without the retail side, but I wonder whether this could be a success in, say, Central London. I had a quick look and couldn’t find any trainer cleaning services, or indeed any significant business specialising in cleaning products for this ubiquitous footwear.