Food Photo’s

My daughter sometimes photographs her food and then uploads it to Instagram and other social media. I thought she was mad, but apparently a lot people are doing it, and one restaurant has decided to make the whole thing a lot more professional. South Africa’s El Burro restaurant has installed a device that enables customers to take professional style Instagram shots of their food. It’s a lighting set-up which allows smart phone users to get top class photo’s of the food they’re about to eat. 

The people behind the idea are the Wi-Fi network providers used by the restaurant, who want to showcase what can be achieved using their system, but this has to be a good idea for the restaurant too. If you can get customers uploading enticing photographs of the food on offer, then that has to be good for business. Many Instagram users have hundreds of followers. What a great way to get a free advertisement out to a lot of people.

Is this an idea you could use? Is there a way you could encourage your smartphone-owning customers to upload pictures of your product to their Instagram followers or other social networks? Running a competition might provide the necessary impetus.

Quote Of The Day

“When someone tells me “no” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.”

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Karen E. Quinones Miller

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“Laughter is the best medicine – unless you’re diabetic, then insulin comes pretty high on the list.”       

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Lee Evans

The Anger Relief Centre

Ever felt like just smashing something? Then you need to go to the Smash Happy House Stress and Anger Relief Centre where you can do it in safety and with the owners blessing. The company offer a range of destructive options including beer bottles, bar glasses and coffee cups. You can even beat up a mannequin with a baseball bat.

Customers include war veterans, stroppy teenagers, angry parents and heartbroken lovers. Everyone is given safety equipment and then left to create havoc. The company offer birthday and party packages and expect an upturn in business next year.

It’s perhaps needless to say that this is in America, but couldn’t the same thing work here? If Americans enjoy, or get relief from smashing things up, I’m sure people would here too. There could be serious money to be made… and it sounds like fun!

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