Winter Reminder

October already! Harrison Murray Estate Agency and the Nottingham Estate Agency have issued a seasonal reminder and some hints and tips on how to keep your property safe. 

‘Lighting. Consider installing motion-sensitive lighting fixtures above front doors, porches, garage doors and entrances to back gardens. Fit timers to indoor lights when you are out for the evening or going on holiday.’

‘Codes. If you are moving into a new property, familiarise yourself with the alarm and set a new passcode. And above all, don’t forget to use it!’

‘Locks. Securely bolt or padlock side/back gates. Fit window locks to all downstairs windows, and to easily accessible upstairs windows. Remove any ladders that could be used to gain access through upstairs windows or a flat roof.’

‘Be letterbox aware. As vehicle theft becomes more sophisticated, and often to order, thieves turn to letterboxes to obtain keys. Make sure you put these and other valuables out of easy reach and sight of the front door.’

‘Valuables. Put your mark on valuables with a UV pen – a discreet way to identify your items if they are stolen.’

‘Sheds. Many sheds are used to store cycles, garden equipment and tools. Ensure you have a sturdy padlock on your shed door. The same goes for your garage.’

‘Vision. If possible, don’t allow the front of your home to be obscured by trees or hedges that may provide hiding places for thieves.’

‘Opportunist thieves often turn to Facebook and Twitter to target unsuspecting victims, so don’t divulge information regarding your whereabouts. And never reveal that your property is empty.’

‘Neighbourhood Watch. Be a good neighbour and join the local Neighbourhood Watch group. If you are new to the area, this is also a great way of getting to know your neighbourhood and meeting new people.’

Quote Of The Day

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

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Marilyn Monroe

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“An overweight guy went to the doctor who advised him to try a keep fit DVD. But the guy said he couldn’t be bothered.”Well” suggested the doctor, ‘try something that leaves you a little short of breath.” So the guy took up smoking.”  


Jo Brand


There can be few markets more ‘mature’ than the one for fast food – and hamburgers in particular. With companies like Macdonalds, Burger King and dozens of others, firmly established in the market, it seems pretty unlikely that a newcomer could come along and prosper. And yet Smashburger have done just that in the US, opening over 200 restaurants in the past 5 years. They describe their strategy as a simple one – build a better burger.

I wouldn’t recommend starting a hamburger chain, unless you have very deep pockets, but the success of Smashburger proves something important – there’s always room in any market for individuals  or companies who are prepared to go the extra mile, and sneak up on the sleepy or complacent, established competition.

Today’s National Day

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Dear Streewise Customer,

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