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The World’s Simplest Business

In my last blog I talked about the importance of accepting the hand you’ve been dealt, and playing it well. To illustrate, I told you about  how Neil Warnock had taken my ‘dead and buried’ football team in February, and sent them on a run of eight unbeaten games. Well I’m pleased to report that the run has now extended to eleven games (equalling the club record) and the threat of relegation from the Championship is gone. This was something which most viewed as highly unlikely back in February. So how was it done? Continue reading

Mossie Bashing Motorbikes

To most British holidaymakers, the mosquito is an irritation, but it brings far more serious problems. Mosquito-borne infections affect hundreds of thousands every year, from the outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil to a surge in cases of Dengue fever in South East Asia. But now a device that can be fitted to the backs of mopeds could provide a new way to repel mosquito’s from cities in Thailand.

MotoRepellent is a device that fits onto the back of motorbikes in Bangkok. The cylinder is filled with natural mosquito repellents that are activated by the exhaust pipe of the bike, spreading the insect repellent several meters around the vehicle.  With millions of motorbikes in the capital, the device could crowdsource mass mosquito removal. The developers claim to have helped repel mosquito’s in slums across Bangkok and protected 80,000 people.

Last year, I saw street  lamps in Malaysia being used to trap and kill mosquitos. Now we have motorbikes in Bangkok. I can’t help thinking there may be other common devices that have a dual use in mosquito control. And if there are, maybe there’s a money making application in countries where the insects are an annoyance rather than a threat to life.

U.S Food Trends

I was looking at American food trends the other day. As I’m sure you know, what’s big  in the United States tends to find its way over the Atlantic soon.

According to Foursquare data, the tastes of Americans have been changing during the last few years. There was a decline in food truck dining, to the tune of 21% compared to January of 2014. That’s a significant decrease on what was a rapidly expanding sector. But other food trends are on the rise. Have you tried bubble tea? As the name suggests it’s a tea-based beverage mixed with fruit or milk and then finished off with tapioca balls or fruit jellies. It sounds awful, but visits to bubble tea shops are up 192%. Perhaps something to investigate.

Make Money From What You Know

Almost everyone has a particular set of skills that they could share with others, and the internet gives them the perfect medium to do it. Online training courses are big business.

So what talent or skill do you have that other people might like to know about? You might be surprised by  the amount of knowledge you’ve acquired in certain areas when you stop to think about it. No matter what it might be, there is probably a market for it.

Some sites where you can sell courses include, Academy of Mine, and Digital Chalk. You might also consider delivering your course via Youtube, or on video from your own personal site.

The only caveat is that you  need to know the subject and field well. People want to take courses from someone who can provide them with information and tips they can’t find elsewhere.