Connecting Campers

I’m not a fan of camping – give me some solid walls and a roof every time – but I know many people are. And with the ever increasing cost of  hotels, it’s not really surprising. But where do you camp? Well in the United States, it’s all a lot easier thanks to

Hipcamp connects would-be campers and land owners. Go to the site and you can either list your land for rent (if you’re a landowner) or search for camping land in the area you want to visit. Users can check price, location  and availability directly on the site. The site owners are currently offering landowners $500 to register on the site –  a sure sign that there’s money to be made.

Perhaps something  like this would work here in the UK. Plenty of people own enough land for a small campsite and camping is more popular than ever. This sort of service works here for holiday flats and apartments (See so why not  campsites?

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