Fabulous Flatulence

I wasn’t going to bother telling you about this, and then I read something that changed my mind.

French inventor Christian Poincheval makes pills that he claims will perfume your farts into smelling like violets or roses. And now he has a new product – a pill that will make flatulence smell like chocolate!

According to Poincheval’s website, the idea for the pills  came from a dinner with friends during which nobody could stop farting. I don’t know about you, but if  I was at a dinner party where nobody could stop farting, my first thought would be to question my choice of friends rather than puzzling over how to enhance the aroma. But  Mr Poincheval responded by developing his pills which sell for ten Euro’s a pack.

I can perhaps see people buying these as a joke, but that’s about it. But here’s what’s more interesting  – Poincheval also has a powder-based product aimed at dogs.

Now as any dog owner will know, our four legged friends can be particularly gaseous, and unlike humans, they don’t have the will or ability to exercise any restraint. I can see a good market for  a product like this which actually works.

I’ve no idea whether this does work, or what would but it’s perhaps something to investigate?

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