Free Luggage Wrapping Service Used As Advertising

Luggage firm, Samsonite recently came up with an innovative way to get their company name in the public eye.  The company opened a one-day Samsowrap stall in Spain’s Palma airport. For passengers traveling with any suitcase other than a Samsonite, the company offered to wrap their luggage for free. The catch was that each suitcase had to display a large sign declaring “I Wish I Had A Samsonite.”

Luggage wrapping protects the case and strengthens it by encasing it in protective plastic. Samsonite estimates that the stall wrapped more than 1,200 pieces in one day, with the luggage going to more than 120 different destinations.

Is this an idea you could copy, or adapt to your product? The underlying principle is to give people something visible for free which carries a promotion for your company, and  will provide a benefit. And if it covers up a competitors product, so much the better!

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