Making Inhalers Cool

Let’s be honest, if you’re a teenager, and you need to use an inhaler, it’s not going to enhance your street cred. They’re medical devices and that’s exactly what they look like. But it needn’t be that way thanks to the Hue Inhaler. According to its creator, Tim Zarki, the Hue Inhaler is “meant to make a bold statement instead of being of a source of self-consciousness” about asthma.  Each inhaler comes with a wide array of vibrant colours, from orange to neon green, and in much sleeker design than the regular devices. At the moment, the Hue Inhaler is in the development phase, but it seems to have huge potential.

Glasses and hearing aids used to be drab and utilitarian, but that’s now changed with bold and stylish designs being available. This idea could do the same for the asthma inhaler.

So the obvious question is – what next? What other dull and depressing medical aid or device is set for a stylish makeover?

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