Making Money With Kuflink

Last week I updated you on peer-to-peer lender Kuflink, and made a short video about the opportunity to earn around 7% on your money. You can see the video here. What I barely touched on was the opportunity to make money by investing with the company. Over the past week, the company have enhanced their referral and cash-back bonus’s and they’re the best I’ve seen.

The company are paying between £50 and £250 to both referrers, and referee’s depending on the amount invested. What that means is that if you decided to invest following my introduction, we would each receive an identical bonus between £50 and £250. You would be then eligible to introduce your friends and contacts and share the same bonus opportunity with them.

Now look, I don’t think you should base your investment decisions on who’s paying the biggest introductory bonus’s and that’s why I’ve barely talked about that aspect of Kuflink up to this point. But for me, this is just the icing on the cake. I’d be telling you about Kuflink without the referral bonus opportunity.  These bonus’s weren’t available when I found the company and I simply invested because of what was, and still is, on offer.

If you’ve got anything from a few hundred pounds upwards languishing in bank accounts paying pathetic interest rates, I’d urge you to take a look at this now, and if you need any further information, just drop me an email.

To sign up for an account (you can invest money into it later) go to –

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