Sleeping On The Job

I know someone who works for one of the big London law firms. Such are the demands and time constraints of the job, that the firm have beds on site so that employees don’t have to waste time going home at night when deadlines need to be met.

I’m not sure whether this idea is quite as extreme as that, but it is an indication on the pressure some folk are perceived to be in at work these days.

London based Pod Time have based themselves in the fast-paced corporate environment of Canary Wharf. They provide hygienic sleep pods which stressed and tired workers can rent out for half an hour at a time to have a much needed nap during the working day.

Charges are £5.99 for an half hour and £10 for an hour. Speaking as someone who has seen people asleep at work without going to the expense of a pod, I can see a demand for this.

Might there be other areas of the country where a ‘short term sleep solution’ would find a ready market?

Might there be other locations where this could be popular…airports perhaps? Or (and I’m definitely not going into detail here) might there be some other purpose for these pods, other than sleep, which would attract a paying clientele? I’ll leave you to give it some thought.

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“I believe that everyone can reclaim themselves…You have a very bad habit. You have to change it. If not now, then when?”

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Mark Ford

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Hot Bodies

I’ve noticed that after the weekend, our office is always several degrees colder than it is later in the week, even though the heating has been left on. Increased computer activity plays a part, but so does human activity. The staff come into the office, they give off body heat and it warms the building.

Now this is happening everywhere. The amount of heat energy given off by the population must be huge. So is there a way to harness it? It turns out that there is.

Over 200,000 people pass through Stockholm’s Central station each day. Jernhusen, a property company given the job of remodelling the station, have come up with a way of transferring the heat generated by all these people to an office building across the road.

The stations ventilation system includes heat exchangers which convert all this heat energy into hot water. It’s reported that the result is a 25% reduction in the buildings energy costs.

Needless to say, green energy is on everyone’s agenda at the moment, and initiatives like this are likely to be on the increase. Perhaps something to invest in, or even participate in for those with the skills and resources.

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