Slow Down GPS

How do you get people to slow down when they’re driving through areas heavily populated by children or near to schools? The solution which Slow Down GPS have come up with is interesting – when a driver approaches one of those areas, the voice on the satellite navigation changes to that of a child. The makers say that because we have a natural instinct to care for children, this causes visceral, physical and behavioural reaction – prompting them to pay closer attention to the road.

The first thing you need to do to get someone to change their behaviour is get their attention. If you can get their attention and then focus it immediately on the point you want to make, so much the better.  This idea seems to achieve both.

I’m not sure how you might use this, but I’m sure it will strike a chord with someone. How might you wake your customers from their daydream, and then get them to do what you want?

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