The Baby Faced Babysitter

I’ve  just read about a 15-year-old American high school girl called Noa Mintz who is making over half a million dollars a year from a babysitting agency called Nannies By Noa. It has grown to 290 clients in just three years with Mintz charging a flat fee of five dollars for babysitters and then 15% of the  initial salary  of nannies. She now has 25 full-time nannies and 50 babysitters working an average of 15 hours a week and has now made enough money to hire a full-time chief executive to run the company while she goes to school.

The success of Noa’s business shows that there’s money to be made from the most mundane of services.  If a 15 year old can do it while still at school why not you? Perhaps it’s time for you to look at what other  boring but in-demand services you could build a fortune from.

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