The One Book Shop

We live in a world with almost infinite choice. It sounds great, but if you’re anything like me, too much choice can lead to indecision. And indecision often leads to inertia – doing nothing. I was therefore interested to read about the Morioka Shoten bookstore in Tokyo which stocks just one book at a time. Each book is stocked for a week.

The store is owned by Yoshiyuki Morioka, and  consists of a single room, containing a table, stocked with this week’s publication, a chest of drawers – used as a counter – and a selection of art and objects relating to the book.

I wonder if this single item approach might work in other retail sectors? Even if you don’t buy into the ‘one item only’ idea, surely a very carefully curated selection of products rather than a ‘we sell anything’ approach, would appeal to consumers in many different markets.


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