You’re As Strong As Your Weakest Link

On the night of April 14th 1912, during her maiden voyage, RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank two hours and forty minutes later in  the early hours of  April  15th.  At the time of her launch in 1911,  she was the largest passenger  ship  in  the  world  and  regarded  as  the safest. The sinking  resulted  in  the  deaths  of  1,517  people,  making  it  one  of  the  worst peacetime disasters in maritime history and by far  the  most  famous.  But  what  caused  the unsinkable to sink?

It’s been the subject of much controversy for decades. Some have blamed a faulty rudder, while others have cited navigational errors. But according to new research, the key factor in the ship’s sinking may have been the use of sub-standard rivets.

The ‘rivet theory’ was first raised  in  the  1990’s,  no  pun  intended,  but  was  denied  by Harland  and  Wolff,  the  company  that  built  the  ship.  Now,  historians  have  uncovered evidence that the company was forced to compromise on quality as it struggled to build three huge ships at the same time. Faced with a regular  supplier  unable  to  cope,  they  turned  to smaller forges producing less reliable products, to make up the shortfall.

RMS Titanic was deemed unsinkable because it was designed to stay afloat, even if four of its watertight compartments  were  flooded.  But  when  it  hit  the  iceberg,  so  many  rivets popped along the starboard side  that five compartments  took  on  water,  and the  ship  went down. And so it seems that this most famous of  ships succumbed to the truth of a well-worn saying: “A chain is as strong as its weakest link.  ”No amount of engineering  or  technology could overcome a deficiency in a small, but critically important part of the ship.

What’s true of RMS Titanic s true of you. Are you confident  that  the ‘rivets’ in  your  life are strong enough to withstand some unexpected impact? Or have  you  perhaps  cut  corners along the way, gambling that you can avoid any nasty icebergs? The bottom line is  that  you can’t afford to neglect any area of your life (and health is particularly critical)  in  pursuit  of what you see as more important goals. Any shortcomings will eventually  find  you  out  and sink all your plans.

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