If you want to understand the needs, wants and motives of others – and it’s critical to optimising your life outcomes that you do – there’s a really easy way to do it. When you realise what it is, you’ll be amazed you didn’t figure it out before, but you’ll also, more than likely, be a little disillusioned. 

You see, people have been telling you that you are unique since you were a small child, and on the surface, you are. Scratch below that surface though, and we all share pretty much the same wants, needs, hopes, desires and motivations.

So when you’re trying to figure out what that other strange person you’re dealing with really wants, it isn’t difficult. Their underlying wants are the same as yours, although they may be manifested in slightly different ways.

We’ll be looking at what some of these wants, needs and desires in other articles, but for now hold on to the idea that the people you’re dealing with each day are just like you. When you’re trying to figure out ‘where they’re coming from’, a little introspection will usually deliver the answer.

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