Buying Cash At A Discount

If you could buy £1 coins for 80p, do you think you’d make money? Of course you would, but who would be foolish enough to sell you £1 coins for 80p. Well before you answer, consider the following story from Havana, Cuba. 

Alongside the queue for one of the busiest bus routes in town is a man with a large tin box, and he is buying 1 peso notes for 80 cents. He has plenty of customers. Why? Well the bus fare is 40 cents, but you can’t get change.

So if you don’t have the exact money, the only alternative is to put in the whole peso…60 cents more than is required. By accepting 80 cents for the peso, passengers are able to save 40 cents while the vendor makes 20 cents. 

There are a couple of lessons here I think: 

If the circumstances fall into place, it’s often possible to persuade people to do some totally counter-intuitive things.

You can find some pretty astonishing win-win deals if you think outside of the box.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“Work gives you meaning and purpose. Life is empty without it.”

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Stephen Hawking

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“My hamster died today…he fell asleep at the wheel.”


Will Ferrell

Better Beetroot 

I’ve read a number of reports recently, about the health benefits of beetroot juice. But I haven’t bought any because I really don’t like the taste. Perhaps Unbeetable provide a solution.

The US based company manufacture a Beetroot based drink which they say has all the health benefits, but with a much more palatable taste. There are a couple of things to take from this I think. 

Could you create your own ‘Better Beetroot’ product. If so, there could be a big UK market for it.

Western consumers are increasingly health conscious, but the things that are good for us are rarely those that taste the best. There has to be a market for anyone who can produce an improved taste version of the things that are said to be good for us.

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