Burgers, Beers And Shears

This is another example of how combining three commonplace elements can create a whole new concept. We’ve all been to a restaurant, a bar and a hairdresser, but not an establishment that combines all three.

Moe’s BarBar Shop (Geddit) is another innovative US idea. It’s part bar, part restaurant and part barber shop. It’s a place, according to owner Lance Lumpiesz, where a man can “cut his locks and have a scotch on the rocks.”

Will it work? I don’t know, but there’s a lot to be said for creating a business where one element feeds off the customers for the other. If you use the bar/restaurant I think you’re far more likely to also have your hair cut there and vice versa.

I really like these combination businesses and the number of combinations is almost endless. That doesn’t mean that a cup cake and fishing tackle emporium would work out, but there have to be plenty of combinations that would.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“I don’t judge others. I say if you feel good with what you’re doing, then do it.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Alternative Quote Of The Day

“In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom.”

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Groucho Marx

Flat Flowers

On the occasions I have arranged for flowers to be delivered, one thought always dominates – will the recipient be at home to receive them?

It’s a common problem, and the issue behind the business idea of Bloom and Wild, a company that deliver flowers in letterbox sized packaging. The advantage is obvious – the recipient doesn’t need to be home to receive the flowers.

I don’t know exactly how this works , and it must certainly restrict the flowers that can be included, but it does overcome one of the big problems with sending flowers, and may well encourage to use the Bloom & Wild service rather than a competitor.

So are there other products which could be redesigned or repackaged to fit through a letterbox? And if you did that, would it prove a competitive advantage? Something to think about.

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