Genius – Five Stars

Review from Amazon.

Mr Harrison is probably the UKs most successful copywriter. His company, some readers may know, is Streetwise Marketing. He has written a number of “books”, and they are all superb.

The format for all his “books” is the same. They are in fact collections of his rants and observations, which are brilliantly and without exception, humorously crafted into business lessons. Each rant/lesson is only 3-4 pages long. The idea of the books came from using a collection of his blog rants from which I think he donated the proceeds to charity, but obviously it gave him an additional marketing exposure.

Its ideal to dip into. There’s no theory. Just practical, no-nonsense ideas on how a business person should look at things to create their marketing edge.

As a similarly aged, frequently grumpy middle-aged northern git with a marketing background, I am in awe of this guy. I roll around laughing whilst reading his introductory rant, then marvel at how he turns each one into a practically applied idea or “lesson” for a budding entrepreneur.

I cannot recommend his books highly enough. They are, in my opinion, THE best business books Ive read. They vary in numbers of pages. Usually 150-300. This one is 160.

His other books include
The Toilet Pan Millionaire
How to stop working and make a million pounds instead
The Money making secrets of a funfair goldfish
and his most recent; The money making confessions of a semi-formal tramp.

I cannot differentiate the books so cannot say give a specific review. Suffice to say, if you see them available, snap them up.

Oh, and I am neither related to nor have any social connection with Mr Harrison and nor have I had my arm-twisted or been given any incentive whatsoever for writing this. My enthusiasm is because I believe that his books are simply brilliant.

Ken Grew