The Money Making Magic Of A Funfair Goldfish And Other Get Rich Secrets Of A Mattress Bound Millionaire

Review from Business Opportunity Website.

If you have even the slightest interest in Business Opportunities, the chances are you have either heard of Streetwise Marketing or received a sales letter from them.

They have been around for 15 years now, starting from a tiny office and building up to a £5 million pound a year turnover. The company is run by John and Michael Harrison – now please note – they may share the same surname but are not related.

John Harrison’s role is to write the sales letters and in those fifteen years he has been very busy. It has also given him the time to hone his copywriting skills. And let me tell you, he has become a very good student. In fact he’s now good enough to become the teacher. And with this, his second book, it shows.

How would you like someone who has become a multi-millionaire to take you by the hand and show you ‘exactly’ how he has done it? To share every secret they have learnt. To answer any question you might have about how to make money and how you will feel after you have become successful.

In other words, what if they hand you their shoes and allow you to walk in them for a brief span of time.
And what if this person has a truly remarkable sense of humour? So rich they have you rolling around on the floor in pain, from laughing. Well, if you find someone like this – no, just kidding – I’ve found such a person.
John Harrison spills the beans. Actually, he goes further. He picks them up, cleans them off, cooks them and then feeds them to you.

For decades the very best motivational books have been “Think And Grow Rich”, “The Magic Of Thinking Big”, and “The Lazy Mans Way To Riches”. These books have sold millions of copies. But if there is any justice, a new title should be added to this list – this time from our side of the pond.

Perhaps at this point, I should point out my surname is Wood, not Harrison, and although I have been a customer of Streetwise Marketing since 1992, I have never met John Harrison or been offered a bribe by him to write this review.