Life Isn’t Fair. Get Over It!

Here’s something you need to accept and work with, very quickly. We first hear kids in the playground complaining that “it’s not fair”, and, if it goes unchecked, they’re still saying the same thing when they’re drawing their pension. It’s pointless and self-defeating. 

Life isn’t fair. Nobody ever said that it was. People are born with differing natural attributes and some of these attributes have an impact on what we see as fairness. Sometimes, people will be given favourable treatment because of these attributes, which isn’t warranted. Good looking people, for example, are often favoured in situations where looks don’t really matter.

Quiet, thoughtful and sensible people are often passed over in favour of the charismatic, dogmatic and wayward. The kind and virtuous often receive no reward, while calculation and deceit goes unpunished. The talented, hard-working and able often lose out to those with the ‘right connections’. Fairness just doesn’t come into any of it.

Why is this important? Because many go through life waiting for things to become fair and recoiling from situations where they are not. If you do this, you will become severely disenchanted and miss out on a lot of opportunities. Life will never be fair. If you’re on the positive side of unfairness, don’t feel guilty. Capitalise on it.

If you’re on the negative side, don’t moan or give up. Recognise what’s happening and take action. Unfairness can usually be overcome by effort and application. Those who are unfairly favoured have a tendency towards complacency that makes them easier to prevail over than you might think.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


URGENT – Partners Wanted!    


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The recent Coronavirus lockdown and an announcement at the last budget which went unnoticed by most people, has turbocharged what was already a highly profitable business. What happened in lockdown and a loophole created by the budget announcement are real game changers. It’s an unprecedented opportunity.   

Who is this perfect for? Anyone who wants to make a great deal of moneyworking in their spare time from home and has access to a PC or laptop.  

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John Harrison    

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