Muscle Wear

There’s no doubt that body shapes are changing and becoming more diverse. Obesity is on the rise, but so is muscularity. More people are working out with weights than ever before and that has led to a problem – and an opportunity. A lot of beefed up folk of both sexes have difficulty getting clothes to fit.

I just read about track cyclist Beth Newell who, fed up with not being able to get jeans to fit her muscular legs, decided to do something about it. She created Keirin Cut jeans to cater for sporty types with heavily muscled legs. The jeans incorporate small waists with bigger leg measurements to cater for a more athletic physique.

The wider clothing industry doesn’t seem to cater for athletic physiques in general. What’s true of legs and jeans is also true of arms and shirts. More room in the arms and chest is usually accompanied by an acre of material in the waist.

I think this is a field which is only going to grow. Bodies are changing and becoming more diverse. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work any more, and that means there are opportunities to be exploited by catering for a specific body shape niche.

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