The Sky’s The Limit

What do you get if you combine two fast developing areas of technology? Multiple ways to make money!

Unmanned aerial systems (drones to you and me) are more accessible than ever before. Technological development has made them both cheaper and easier to use. And their development has been mirrored by developments in the video/photography market. Cameras are smaller, lighter cheaper and more effective than ever before. Put the drones together with the cameras (many of which can be operated remotely) and you have many different ways to make money. Here are some ideas:

– Property marketing
– Aerial mapping surveys
– Collecting industrial intelligence (spying!)
– Aerial Wedding photography
– Private investigation work
– Emergency deliveries
– Film industry work
– Aerial advertising
– Corporate videos
– News reporting
– Security surveillance
– Sports event coverage
– Natural disaster coverage
– Search and rescue work

Once you have the equipment and developed the skills to use it, all these opportunities and more would be open to you.

This isn’t a zero cost/zero effort opportunity of course, but this is a field which is set to really take off over the next few years…no pun intended! Get in now and you could be well placed to ride the profit wave.

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