Table Scalping

There are always some restaurants where it’s difficult to get a table, and if a trend that’s growing in the United States takes hold here, it’s going to get even harder. Reservations are becoming a saleable commodity with a number of companies offering tables for sale in exchange for a fee.

Some of these companies are working in partnership with restaurants, but others are working independently, booking tables at top restaurants in fictitious names months in advance, and then selling the booking on for a profit. The morality of the practice has been called into question, but there’s no doubt there’s a demand. Going the ‘independent route’ anyone with the necessary ‘brass neck’ could do this and make money from home.

I don’t really like this practice personally, where it’s done without restaurant involvement, but I’m not here to judge. Here are a couple of the more reputable players in the market:

Something to bring to the UK?

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