The Kids Concierge

Plenty of top hotels employ a concierge to help guests get the most from their stay, but Drayton Manor in Staffordshire is the first to provide a concierge exclusively for younger guests.

The idea came about as a result of an approach to the hotel by the parents of local schoolboy Noah Reeves-Walters, who took up the role of junior concierge during his half term break from school. Whilst adults may be interested in restaurants and spa treatments,C the kids have other things on their minds – the best ice cream flavours and where to sit on the rides to get the biggest soaking for example – and Noah was on hand to help.

I mention it for two reasons:

1. Children influence and shape buying decisions in a lot of businesses. Are you paying enough attention to the needs of  your customers children?

2. If you have a teenage child looking for work experience, might they able to create their own opportunity, by approaching  a local hotel with this idea?

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