The Super Valet

Just a mile down the road from where I’m sitting now is  one of those defunct petrol stations where migrants from all over the world congregate to clean cars. For just £10 they will carry out a mini- valet on your car, and they don’t do a bad job. So why would you pay any more?

Guncharn Sahota runs Elite Detailing which has branches in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. His company specialises in detailing supercars and charges up to £8,500 per job. They typically spend  between 20 and 25 hours on a car, but can spend up to 100 hours  on cars owned by particularly discerning clients.

What a stark contrast for essentially the same job – £10 or £8,500. It’s further proof that in all markets there is scope for an ultra high-end product or service. Sometimes it’s because  certain customers are especially discerning, and other times it’s because they have more money than they know what to do with. Either way, there are profits to be made.

So is there room for an ultra high end operator in your business or area of interest?


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