Prove It!

You know how good your product or service is, but your potential customers don’t. Yes, you can tell them, but it’s so much more compelling if you can show them. But how do you do it? A story from Brazil may give you some inspiration.

Brazilian coffee company Café Pelé has teamed up with the local daily newspaper to show just how fresh their coffee is.

The coffee producers wrap their products in pages from that morning’s Estado de São Paulo newspaper before putting them on display in supermarkets. Around 5,000 bags of coffee beans are sealed in the early hours of the morning in the front pages of the Brazilian daily, then sold alongside copies of the newspaper.

If you have a ‘fresh’ product, perhaps you could use, or adapt, this idea. But even if you don’t, there’s probably a way to demonstrate its attributes in an interesting way, other than just talking about it.

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