You Can Do It – Probably!

Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right. ”There’s a great deal of truth in that, but it has to be tempered a little if you’re to avoid chasing pipe dreams.

If someone of similar background and abilities has already done what you hope to achieve, then, of course, you know you can do it. That’s why finding appropriate mentors and role models is important – more about that elsewhere. But, if it hasn’t been done already, the jury is out and you have to make an appraisal of whether what you want to do is realistic.

It would be wrong to talk down your prospects here – you are capable of far more than you can imagine – but as anyone who has ever watched a TV talent show will testify, there are far too many people chasing ‘goals ’which will never come to fruition.

In truth, there are very few areas where talent puts in place an immovable barrier – entertainment, sports and music spring readily to mind – but unfortunately these are the areas where unrealistic aspirations tend to flourish. The good news though, is that very few career or business paths require innate talent or skills that a determined and motivated person can’t learn. Though, as Henry Ford recognised, even the most realistic goals will wither in the face of a lack of belief.

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