Your Time Is Now

When you’re young it’s very easy to bemoan your lack of experience and resources, but you currently sit on some huge untapped resources that older people can’t hope to match.

Here’s a little test for you…

Name a song written by Paul McCartney. Too easy? Okay, how about a song written by Barry Manilow. I’m not really testing you am I? Here’s the last one – name a song written by Elton John.

Anyone with an average interest in popular music would fairly easily be able to name at least one song by each songwriter, and in most cases, be able to name quite a few. But now I’m going to make that question a bit harder by adding five words – so hard in fact, that I suspect that not one in a 100 people could answer it. Here are those five extra words… “In the last ten years.”

You see, each of those songwriters is still actively writing songs, and yet their ‘best’ work – the work for which they will be remembered long after they are dead – was condensed into a short ‘hot’ period early in their career. Despite being older and (in theory) more experienced, their later work somehow hasn’t carried the same resonance as that which they created in the early days.

Now I haven’t picked these songwriters out because they are exceptions. Choose any popular songwriter from the last 40 years and you’ll find the same thing – a comparatively short ‘hot’ period early in their careers followed by an awful lot of plodding… Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel – all the same. As I write this, Ed Sheeran is going through a similar ‘hot’ period. So what’s going on?

Everyone has an untapped source of creativity lurking just below the surface. It’s a hidden store of wonderful ideas and inspiration that lies there, waiting to be released. The scale of this untapped source will vary from person to person of course, (we don’t all have a McCartney-sized well of musical ideas in there for example) but what we have, isn’t unlimited. Once the creative flow has started, ideas flood out very quickly, but eventually the flow will diminish, as will the quality of those ideas. In the case of songwriters, they come to rely on perspiration rather than inspiration after that – on what they know and have learned, rather than what flows from within. But it’s never the same.

It appears that a similar process takes place, no matter what the purpose of your creativity – whether that is art, literature, music or something more mundane like a business or career progression. When you embark on a business or money-making venture for the first time for example, the ideas for products, advertising and promotions you come up with in the early days will be amongst the most creative you ever have, because they will come from within. They will be the equivalent of McCartney’s Yesterday – not one of the countless pop songs he’s penned in the last 25 years or so.

And that’s why, contrary to what you might think, you start with a massive advantage over the established players in any field requiring creativity – an advantage that helps counteract some of the experiences and advantages which older people have. Your well of ideas is both untapped and full.

This will be a golden period for you, and the really good news is that you have total exclusivity over it. Your combination of skills, experience, ability, personality and innate talent is unique. And the ideas and inspirations that spring from that combination will be unique too.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


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John Harrison    

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