The World’s Worst Business

I want to tell you about what sounds like the worst business in the world…

Most of the people you approach with your product simply aren’t interested. Some are downright rude – hurling gratuitous abuse in your direction. Others simply ignore you altogether. A few have the good manners to say “no thank you”, but not many.

And if you’re very lucky, perhaps one or two out of every 100 you approach, will buy from you. But even some of those will ask for their money back.

Sounds horrible doesn’t it? I’m not so sure though…

You see, many years ago I worked in a business that seemed a whole lot better. Most of the people I dealt with were at least polite and one in four that I approached, placed an order. There was no abuse and nobody asked for their money back.

Sound better?

Well maybe, except that second business never made any money and the sense of rejection from those three out of four who didn’t order, was awful. That first business made me a millionaire, and I never got to experience one ounce of rejection from those 99 out of 100 who effectively told me to go away.

In case you haven’t guessed, the big difference between the two businesses is in the method of marketing. In that second business it was all done face to face, and every time-consuming rejection came like a knee to the groin. In that first business, everything was done remotely via direct mail or advertisements.

It’s an environment where a rejection consumes neither time nor ego ~ other than for the odd lunatic who scrawls “F*** Off!” (or something equally witty) on your order form before sending it back.

And that’s pretty easy to live with when you’re sitting on a sack of money.

Direct response marketing allows you to replicate yourself thousands of times over, and then despatch yourself out to the world in the form of advertisements, direct mailing pieces and webpages. Some hit home, others crash and burn. It doesn’t matter a jot.

All that does matter is the final tally. The crash and burns don’t hurt at all, but there’s great joy in the hits. Because they’re pretty much all you see.

So I think I’ll stick with the ‘worst business in the world’ for now. And if you want to get rich (and like me have a fragile ego the size of a house) then I think you should consider it too.  

Do get in touch if you’d like me to point you in the right direction.

Kind Regards

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John Harrison  


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Dear Streetwise Customer,

  It didn’t come as a surprise to me when 2 banks intervened and literally blocked their customers from hearing from me, even though everything I was saying is 100% legal.

  That’s because I’ve been exposing how the banks constantly take advantage of the little guy.

But now the tables have turned…

  I doubled my money by legally intercepting unofficial bank messages.

  But the best part is that banks can’t stop us from milking this over and over again!

  And now I’m giving you the opportunity to copy me…

  Just give me a few minutes of your time.

I’ll explain all of this when you visit:

  Kind Regards,

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  Jim Hunt